Sunday, December 20, 2009

doing the slam

b's australian friend recently taught him about the "tim tam slam" [yes, it actually has a wikipedia page] and he came home raving about it. last week he bought some tim tam cookies from target, but we never got around to trying it and instead i went to town on the little cookies. they are delightfully good, even without dunking them in anything.

anyway, last night we had four cookies left, so b decided it was finally time to try the slam. to try to get me pumped up, we watched this funny little video and i was ready to go.

we didn't end up getting the full effect of the "official" tim tam slam, but i will say that those cookies are DELICIOUS when dunked in hot chocolate. too bad we're out of em, because i would love to eat some more right now.

and...if you've tried the slam yourself...don't you think it looks slightly like someone snorting cocaine? haha. i'm just sayin. delicious chocolate cocaine. mmm.


2x2momma said...

Will have to try this, and congratulations on baby dub!! I am so excited for you as you go through this stage, it is wonderful!!

Dionne said...

Yup! That's the only way to consume a tim tam, lol. Soooo yummiful!

Brandon and Erica said...

Brandon's bff is from Australia, so when they came to visit us last year they brought us Tim-Tams (had no idea you could get them at TARGET!). I loved it! Before the Tim Tam, I always used to use grasshopper mint cookies...must be the American way of consuming hot cocoa.

Thanks for the lead on finding them at Target, I know where I'll be going tonight :)

Jean said...

I want to do the slam. I really want to do the slam.

becca said...

tim tam slams are some of the best things in this world. thank you, pepperidge farm, for bringing tim tams to america.

scrubgrub said...

So if I got to Target tomorrow they will be there?!?! We've officially run out of the many boxes we bought in Japan. I hear that they have them at Cost Plus World Markets in LA, but haven't been able to go. Would be awesome to pick them up for Christmas.... mmmm Tim Tams.