Tuesday, December 8, 2009


[view from my office]

i'm not so good at estimating measurements of these things, but i'd say we've gotten at least six inches of snow since saturday. it is COLD! yesterday i watched snowflakes dump from the sky for hours on end...coming from a place where it rains for maybe 20 minutes at a time, i was totally amazed that this precipitation could last for so long.

here are my thoughts on snow:

+ it is really, really pretty.
+ i love nothing more than a pure white field or sidewalk that hasn't been littered with footprints. gorgeous!
+ gives me a good reason to put on my sweats, grab a blanket and force b to watch home alone with me [movie was an early xmas gift. thanks babe! he also makes delightful homemade hot chocolate. this one's a keeper, i tell ya.]
+ sorta puts me more into the christmas spirit
+ makes me really, really thankful to live in a warm apartment with a warm bed

- it's cold. duh.
- my car is FILTHY. wow. i've never seen it so dirty. and i don't foresee a car wash in the near future because i'm currently trying to avoid anything involving water and the outdoors.
- driving in snow is scary and hard. yesterday when i left for work it was still snowing and the roads weren't plowed. i drove 10 mph the entire way to work. also, i like to drive aggressively. you can't do that when you're too scared to drive normally. therefore driving is not fun right now.
- i have a tendency to slip and fall in the snow. no all-out faceplants so far, but i have bad memories from the college days. note to self: buy more shoes with better traction.

bottom line: i guess there's a reason they say utah has the greatest snow on earth. i just wish i could stay inside until march and observe it from the comfort of my blankets.


Danielle said...

ah ha ha ha Oh my goodness....you are stuck in the blizzard. I am sorry I but I cant help but thing of you freezing in our office. I am just enjoying my beach condo (found online for cheap) tonight....listening to the waves crashing. No need to rub it in though.....Hope your good :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I like looking at snow (so I'm glad there are tall mountains around here) but I don't like being in snow. Glad you didn't fall or get in any car accidents on your way to work!

Season said...

I'm with you on ALL accounts. Snow is great when you can watch it fall from the OTHER side of the window. And I'm the hugest wimp out on the road. Pintos pass me. And I'm definitely watching Home Alone tonight now that you mentioned it. And lastly...are you going to the Relief Society Christmas thing tomorrow? Call me if you are! 801.850.8879! :)

sachia said...

You have to watch out for slipping and falling, I did that too one time in particular stands out more than the others so make sure you get some 4 wheel drive on the bottom of those shoes so you don't land flat on your back with your legs high in the sky. Very important stuff.

Oh,You did get my pictures I sent you, right?

Nat said...

Amen, sister! I thought I was excited for winter...until today. It hasn't snowed up here yet, BUT it was like 10 degrees and I just can not handle it! Good luck enduring the harsh UT winter weather. :)

Brandon and Erica said...

hahaha :-) Love your list, and I have to say, I'm suprised MOST of your bullet points were positive! i thought for sure it would be a hate-list for the snow.

But I agree, I HATE driving in the snow. I think I would rather snow-shoe to work.