Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'm sorry.

i would just like to use this blog to send a giant apology out into the universe. i have been a lazy, home-ridden, attitude-laden brat basically since the day i got pregnant. sure, blame it on hormones or whatever -- but for real. sometimes i disgust myself.

i'm sorry.
sorry to the idiotic cheapskate women at the warehouse sale whom i continually snap at.
sorry that i tweeted my frustration about those women and that my boss saw it and called me out.
sorry to new and old friends for bailing on EVERY SINGLE holiday invitation sent my way. i really wanted to come. i just couldn't do it.
sorry to my family for laying on the couch most of the nine days we went to california for thanksgiving. i really did want to shop with you.
sorry to the h&m workers for when i had a total meltdown in the dressing room during said thanksgiving break. no joke, my mom just patted my arm and said, "honey, i'll buy those two shirts and then you can go home and take a nap."
sorry to our long-lost bff's the fackrells for months of planning a thanksgiving rendezvous and then instead showing up at their house, trying not to gag the whole time, watching an ep of yo gabba gabba and then going home early.
sorry to in n out for STILL not trying out the orem location. beef just makes me sick.
sorry to my self-image for not going shopping for two months. i have no winter clothes so i just wear the same five long-sleeve shirts over and over.
sorry to 24 hour fitness for not coming back in three months. i really miss running.
sorry to conan o'brien for not staying up late enough to watch his show live. since october.
sorry to my work roommate danielle for telling her what i'm craving and what makes me gag, each day every day.

and, most of all, sorry to b. that poor guy has SERIOUSLY taken up slack around the house. when i stopped cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and even washing my hair regularly he just started asking what he could do to help.

his culinary repertoire now includes chicken quesadillas, spaghetti, omelets and deconstructed chicken pot pie. he vacuums regularly. he runs errands for me while i'm at work. he did most of the family christmas shopping. he watches tv w/ me at night and then entertains himself with band of brothers for the three hours he stays up later than me. he laughs at me when i go off on emotional rants during dinner about all the morons that surround my world.

so b, this post is for you. i love you. and i'm really sorry.


dana said...

I'm sure all your apologies are accepting. Even to In N Out.

Cute Post. I felt just as sorry for Casey when I was pregnant....on his own for dinner, while I ate ramen noodles.

Leandra said...

lol! What is wrong with me that I snap at the cheapskate w/h sale women? I wish I could say it was preggs but it's not- it's just that I hate them. jk:)

Roxanne said...

twin-you are adorable. i can't wait to have a loving husband that picks up slack when i get prego. you are adorable...even if it's a little bratty!

Angela and Mike said...

I accept your apology :) I was totally the same way if it makes you feel better, I never did a dish or went grocery shopping or anything the entire first trimester. You will feel human again. I promise!

dietcokegrrl said...

Oh Lyndsey--you WILL feel better soon. The 2nd trimester is always better. (And then you'll be super fat and uncomfortable during the 3rd)

You can always get a grilled cheese at In-N-Out. So yummy. If you aren't up for all the fixings, a plain grilled cheese is soooo yummy too.

And YAY for Brandon!!

The Facks of Life said...

Aw! This made me sad for you. I have huge amounts of empathy for you three times over. The things we do for our kids!!!!

I love B even more after reading this. Good man! Can't wait to see you again...when you're feeling better that is. :)

Kathryn said...

This post made me laugh. Being pregnant stinks, but babies are worth it. That's why some crazy women choose to do it again. and again. Hang in there. And hang on to that man of yours.