Wednesday, January 6, 2010

welcome to january

2010, huh? i decided not to make any official resolutions this year; instead, i'm going for more of a "lifestyle enhancement." just try to eat healthy [which may be tough, because all i want to eat lately are french fries or waffles -- not together, though that would probably be good too], exercise where possible, save money and get ready for this baby. much more relaxing than trying to stick to strict resolutions.

biggest event so far of 2010: b's beard. he decided to grow it out over his christmas break; at first i wasn't sure how i felt about the beard, but i ended up liking it. until he shaved it into a goatee [that lasted six hours...i hated it] and then into a mustache, "just to see what it looks like." the mustache lasted four minutes. he gets to have a beard or nothing. those are his only options.

nothing else new. back to work for me, back to school for b, still freezing cold outside. no bump, just some weird dreams and even weirder cravings.

however, i watched a cuh-razy movie last night called the cove. it's a documentary about where they get the dolphins for sea world and other parks around the world. basically japanese fisherman hunt thousands of dolphins near the town of taijii -- they send the good ones to the theme parks, and kill the rest to sell their meat.

this movie was bananas. i've been thinking about it all day. they did such a good job informing about this sad subject, and most of the movie is about a team of researchers trying to get illegal footage of what is going on in this secret cove [obviously, the local japanese government is way against people finding out what's happening, so they try to keep photographers away] -- it was so suspenseful! like a real-life spy movie. except a spy movie where you cry.

i could probably talk about the cove for days, but i'll just say this: i thought it was such an interesting, thought-provoking movie -- though it did seem to be a little propaganda-ish. sure, i love dolphins, but isn't this questionable fishing behavior just as bad as what goes on in the cow, chicken, pig, etc. industries? freaks me out. this world is a crazy place.

but i DO love dolphins. they've always been one of my faves. and after watching the movie, i feel a little guilty for doing this in 2006:

highly recommend the movie. go watch it and tell me what you think :)


Roxanne said...

a lifestyle enhancement ey? you are such a PR guy-that screams PR-but I like it and will incorporate in my life for 2010 as well.

megan said...

i like the beard! too bad you didn't take a picture of the goatee! I love how you say that he isn't allowed to have need us to tell them these things, right?! I went through the same thing with justin

and the picture of you with the dolphin! so sweet! looks like a pic from a movie

Brandon and Erica said...

hey! Mike and Linz know the guy who did the Cove. They have been raving about it ever since they saw it at one of the Film Festivals.

But I haven't seen it yet, I loved Flipper too much and I worry I might cry.

Ash & Jon said...

Hey I wrote a paper about this for one of Jon's classes last year! ;)

The Facks of Life said...

We are dying to see that movie. We'll have to have a little chat after we see it.

I love the picture of you kissing the dolphin.

And I'm digging B's beard!!!

Wendy said...

the beard looks good. i am with you on the beard or nothing though. other facial hair is no good. i have actually been trying to get john to grow a beard for me...