Wednesday, January 13, 2010

gotta love g chat

b is hilarious. we regularly converse via g chat or instant messenger while i'm at work all day, and lately he has been full of priceless gems.

me: how was chuck last night?
Brandon: it was great
i cried a little
me: lol
Brandon: got emotional
missed LA

me: awwww
stupid utah
Brandon: my man crush on zachary levi came back
me: hahahah
you are WAY too into that show
Brandon: i know
it's everything i want to be

[see: b's GIANT obsession with the tv show chuck...although he hates reliving the botched chance he had to become real-life BFFs with zachary levi]

Brandon: btw, kiffin means to smoke pot in german
[see: our favorite college football team, USC, set to hire some jerk named lane kiffin as the new head coach...RIP pete carroll]

i like him.

p.s. yesterday was my half birthday. no cupcakes were involved :(


Tyson and Heather said...

kiffin is what USC needs... ha ha ha. Sorry Brandon

megan said...

too funny
I've never seen that show, but don't think I want to now. If b gets emotional about missing LA, I'm sure I will too.

and we are all sad here about pete too..sad sad days.

Anonymous said...

Happy late half birthday! Mine was in December. I always make sure people know. It's kind of a big deal :) Go eat yourself a cupcake!

The Facks of Life said...

I get emotional about B getting emotional about missing LA. He better find a job here after school! Or else......

Happy half birthday! I love half birthdays.