Wednesday, January 20, 2010

well, it's not a girl

it's a boy!!!

uh, to say i was surprised would be an understatement. b and i went in last night for an early ultrasound [i'm 16.5 weeks, but my MIL works at an obgyn office and they said they'd test me early] and the entire day i was sure it was a girl. since i got pregnant i've been planning on it being a girl. shoot, since i was BORN i've been thinking i'd have a girl first.

but, the ultrasound quickly showed that was NOT the case. i freaked a little bit, but now that i've had 24 hours to readjust my thinking i'm starting to get excited about it. [also got some help in this area from some wonderful emails from friends w/ know who you are and thank you! :) ] now if only i could come up with some boy names i like....

b is thrilled to have a little mini-me, of course. i on the other hand am feeling shafted because there are SO many more cute girl things out there than boy things [clothes, headbands, accessories, etc etc]. but i am determined to find things i like for our little guy.

to celebrate, we went out to dinner at sweet tomatoes [aka souplantation for all you californians]. i had won two free passes there from a twitter contest they did [WOO! i love winning things!!] and i was so so excited to use them as that restaurant is my one true love.

however, turns out my stomach has shrunk or is already getting squished because i only ate ONE serving of everything [my average is 3] and i thought my gut was going to EXPLODE. seriously. i could barely move and had to lay down for four hours after eating. wow. please remind me to monitor my portions for the duration of the pregnancy.

and sorry! i had a picture of the newly formed bump -- i swear, my stomach has popped out in just the past four days, so i actually look pregnant now and not just like i drink a lot of beer -- but b took the camera to seattle. BOO. you'll have to wait a week for a good photo.

that is all. hooray for boys! (?)


Angela and Mike said...

Yes, hooray for boys! Cute boy names I like: Davis, Miles, Weston, Gavin...

You should be excited...AND you should be excited because I just MAY have gone to the store today and bought a couple little things to make something for baby boy!

Mark and Sarah said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting! Little boys are so much fun!! and you want to have a boy first to lead the way for all those cute girls. You'll love having a little boy. Congrats again!!

Jean said...

(A) CONGRATULATIONS!!!! BOYS ROCK!!!! Don't worry, the more cute boy clothes you see, the more excited you'll become. I LOVE having a boy. I can't even imagine having a girl. He's totally my little buddy. You're going to love it. :-)

(B) SWEET TOMATOES!!! I love me some Souplantation. You need to try to expand your stomach again, because there's just too much goodness there for one trip. :-)

(C) I can't wait to see a pregnant picture!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!

Season said...

WOO-HOO!!! I am SO excited for you. And I think you'll be able to find a ton of cute boy clothes. I have to admit, I was KIND of hoping for a boy first (even though I'm just as excited about a girl). It's probably because I have some of the cutest nephews in the world. I think you're going to LOVE having a boy. Hooray hooray!

dietcokegrrl said...

Ditto what Jean said.

All of it. (well, except the part about not being able to imagine having a girl since I have two of them now.)

And there ARE some totally-adorable-and-not-too-cutesy boys clothes out there. I (and I'm sure many other mothers of boys) can help you out with that.


Nat said...

congrats!!!! your daughter(s) will love having a big brother to look up to.
can't wait to see the belly pic! it's so fun when the world can actually tell you are prego. :)

Chelsea said...

YAY!! BOys are the best!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Your gonna pick a great name, I know it, and I can't wait to hear what it is! Congrats again and again!

Tedi said...

That is so great! Yay for a cute little boy! You're gonna be a great momma! Now you have a son who can be an older brother!How's life at AC?