Saturday, March 6, 2010

snow + a car accident

i swear, on monday i wore sandals and cuffed jeans withOUT a jacket and i was delighted the entire day, thinking march meant that spring had come. hallelujah! i made it through a utah winter! but noooo. the fates had something else planned and on thursday a fluke snowstorm blew in. friday morning i woke up to the scene above -- snow everywhere, and more coming. barf.

around 9:15 a.m. yesterday i got a call from b -- he'd been in a car accident. yippee. he was fine [luckily!!!!] but his car was not.

he'd been driving south on state street [by the mall, for those of you familiar with the area] and a woman, driving the opposite direction, turned left RIGHT in front of him; he didn't even have time to brake till it was too late. luckily there were witnesses, and the cops who showed up confirmed she was completely at fault...something about failing to yield. idiot.

anyway, her car was beat up, but she had neck injuries after taking the full force of impact and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. she was gone by the time i got there to pick b up. he was miraculously fine, except for a bloody nose and scraped up hands from the airbag deployment [which i personally consider to be the most exciting part of the whole thing...never saw an airbag deploy before. b said it was dusty and smelled bad]. his car, on the other hand, was not so fine.

haven't gotten the official word but the tow truck people said it looks totaled -- too much damage to the wheels, engine, motor etc. the windshield is cracked and the front is jacked up. poor little car. b bought that when he got home from his mission in 2003 and has taken great care of it; we are sad to see it go. hopefully the dumb lady's insurance will give us enough money to buy something new.

i'm starting to get really sick of all these emergency phone calls happening in our family lately...hopefully next week will be a little less eventful than the past two have been. but i'm SO grateful everyone is okay! [my bro is doing much better and can probably get a clean bill of health in one month...and needless to say i'm REALLY glad b isn't injured or dead.] heavenly father has been watching out for us, that's for sure.

make sure you say your prayers every day :)


Kathryn said...

Scary! Glad B is ok. And poor car. Hope you are feeling good.

Season said...

Oh no!!! How horrible! That poor little car, but AT LEAST nobody was hurt.

Angela and Mike said...

You have had rough few weeks, I'm so sorry. I'm glad b is okay, but it is still no fun. Let me know if it's totaled. Hopefully you get enough money to buy something else. Ugh.

megan said...

soooo glad he is ok!!! and that is the most important thing!!

but I would still cry over that car! soo so sad

Jean said...

Oh no, poor B!! I'm so glad that he's alright!! The car wasn't so lucky... that's sad. But at least things will be A-OK because of insurance. :-)

dana said...

oh man. sorry to you guys. really sad to see his car all munched up like that. I remember riding in that car. I hope you find one just as great!!
(and hooray that B is okay)

dietcokegrrl said...

Oh no! So sorry you guys! Glad Brandon is okay--those airbags are intense.

I had one deploy on me and it hit my hand with such force that it squeezed my fingers and BENT the platinum in my wedding and engagement rings and caused one of the prongs on the engagement ring to turn the opposite direction. Ummmmmm...isn't platinum like a SUPER strong metal??

Let's hope your life calms down a little after this. Eat some more Cadbury mini-eggs in the meantime.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Yikes! So that's why your status on G-Talk said "thank goodness for airbags" (or something along those lines right?). I was curious. Glad that B is okay! The car doesn't look so good though, I'm sorry, that stinks. My theory on snow in Utah is it always snows the week of finals (so sometime in April) and then it goes away for the summer. We'll see if my theory holds true again - let's hope it's over now though!

2x2momma said...

Sad, I remember that car- we drove to the yoga class I illegally attended with you in that thing. So good to hear B is fine. xo

sachia said...

Glad your all safe, poor guy!