Tuesday, March 23, 2010

on guard.

[meet baby wells. from top to bottom: long fingers just like his momma; side profile; velociraptor foot.
photo is held up by a little magnet we bought in paris -- he's our favorite gargoyle at notre dame. lost his foot in a fall last year.]

last week b took the latest ultrasound photos to school, to make a requested photocopy for a relative. he accidentally left the original on the copy machine and didn't realize it till sunday night.

he was upset about it so we took off for byu at 7 p.m. to see if it was still there. no big deal, i said -- i lose the baby all the time, only in my case it's just in my dreams and he's already born. have i mentioned i've had CRAZY dreams since i got pregnant? most of the time they have to do with forgetting to feed him for a week or not knowing how to breastfeed -- apparently i have subconscious fears on this subject. last week i dreamed i kept forgetting where i put him...and then b and i had a huge fight about how to change his diaper, and then i woke up and was inexplicably mad at b in real life for five hours.

but anyway. success! the photos were still there, of course, because byu is full of honest do-gooders who'd never think to steal them. we grabbed them, brought them home and stuck them up in their rightful place on our refrigerator door.

as b was sticking them to the fridge, i said, "stop losing our baby, okay?"
he said, "don't worry, the gargoyle is protecting him now. he's safe."

hopefully the gargoyle sticks around after this baby is born, because baby's momma will most likely lose him. maybe i should bring the magnet to colorado just in case.


Angela and Mike said...

haha, good thing the gargoyle is there to protect baby wells! I love it. I hated those dreams and ALSO had them ALL the time. It's normal, but also very unnerving. You wake up and think you've completely neglected your child for weeks...but ACTUALLY your baby is still safe inside your tummy :)

Jean said...

Okay, good, I'm glad that Gargoyle is on the job. :-)

I totally had crazy pregnancy dreams, too. Most of them involved me giving birth, and then completely forgetting (for like 3 days) that I had a baby. I would panic, and then eventually find my baby, which Tim had been taking care of. But yeah, I was usually a really bad or neglectful mom in my dreams. :-)

2x2momma said...

little baby wells is going to be way safe and sound - and congrats on dad's placement for the summer. Does this mean Colorado will be on the docket post-graduation? Too bad you're quitting, but it'll all be for a good cause. ;) ps. do you get any last chance free/discounted goods????

sachia said...

Um, the dreams are trippy huh?? While preggers I had a dream that I hit Brett over the head with a large plastic pipe. I could hear the sound it made and everything in my dream. What in the world? Thanks for sharing photos of cute little Wells that is shortly coming to a hospital near you. I can't wait. Shortly is used loosely.

Michelle said...

Yes, bring it. You can never be too safe. :) You guys are a hoot.

Chelsea said...

I remember the crazy dreams! And don't worry, as long as you're in the same house with baby wells after he's born, there will be NO WAY to lose him (if he's got normal baby-lungs on him!) But a safety backup gargoyle babysitter is never a bad thing...