Tuesday, March 16, 2010

workin it

above is the sweet view from my new office. last week we moved some people around at work and i ended up in a roomy new space, all to myself [prior to this, i'd been working from a bigger office that i shared with a co worker]. amusing downside to the new office: it's techically a hallway, because it has two doors -- one of which leads to our product room, so i have people walking through often. upside: i now overlook the gas station next door, the 15 freeway and gorgeous mt. timpanogos. not a bad setup.

got some unfortunate news last week...due to the pending summer move and this whole baby thing, i gotta quit my job when we go to colorado. boo for non-steady paychecks. i'll be launching a little freelance PR career here in a bit [which i'm actually pretty excited about], so feel free to fling leads my way.

b, on the other hand, is rockin it in the mba world. some of his schoolmates are still trying to nail down internships for the summer, while we've had this taken care of since before christmas. we have been so blessed not only with a great summer job for him BUT one that is ever-so-accomodating -- they've been sending him little welcome gifts and answering all my momma-to-be questions, and we learned last week that they'll be putting us up in uber comfy digs for the summer. i was nervous we'd have to bring baby dub home to a dump, but it looks like it will be quite the opposite.

also, he was chosen to be executive vice pres of the marketing association in his program for next year. i'm not really sure what that means just yet, but i know from personal experience he is the world's best VP.

[in college, i was the president of byu's chapter of the public relations student society of america -- i actually met b when he was elected as one of my VPs. the first thing i ever learned about him was when our council got together for introductions and each had to share our favorite quote. he used a line from a killers song and i thought he was a weirdo. luckily our relationship improved from there.]

annnnd he got a job as a TA for an undergrad marketing class for next year. i'm so glad someone will be bringing home the bacon in one form or another, since apparently i suck at maintaining my role as sole breadwinner. this baby better be worth it.


Jean said...

That view is amazing. Oh, Utah. You are pretty.

It's too bad that you have to say goodbye to the job for the summer, but hey, at least you have sweet digs in Denver!! HUGE congrats to Brandon on all his exciting endeavors. And I too am excited about your freelancing gig. You will rock it!!!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Aww man, that really sucks you have to quit AC. It's fun while it lasts though eh?

So the office you're in - that's where all the stacks of paper used to be right? Where'd that all go? And I bet you do get a lot of traffic through there! Fun times.

La La Land said...

He will so be worth it! I have been trying to get some leads on your pregnancy in Denver. I'll get back to you soon!

Also, congrats on all of the accomplishments, mostly the new view of the gas station.

Kathryn said...

Ha ha, Nice view. And the baby will be worth it. It's time for B to pull his weight around there.

Leandra said...

PR career? You're awesome and will rock at that. I'm sad that you have to leave! But maybe when you get back we can have play dates with the tots.

How is it that I haven't seen your sweet new set up upstairs? one of these days when I feel like I can conquer the stairs I'll be there :)

Chelsea said...

Sorry about losing the job. That stinks. I have been out of the loop and just read your post on target and died laughing because BOY can I relate! I live close to one and it frequently sucks me in - and my five minute stop turns into a two hour ordeal. It's insane! And they have the cutest baby clothes that are always going on sale, so yet another reason to stop there frequently...