Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ode to target

i've blogged before about the target effect, where just entering the wonderful world of target exponentially increases the amount of products you're planning to buy. it started for me when we lived in LA, although our target there was right off of la cienega and kind of ghetto. then we moved to pasadena where i went to the 2-story store right on colorado blvd at least once a week and always ended up with something wonderful.

and now, we live one stoplight away from a SUPER target. i can do all my grocery shopping there, plus all my regular target shopping -- shoes, clothes, makeup, home decor, craft supplies -- and it's conveniently placed right on my drive home. dangerous.

it's ridiculous how often i go to target now. [another bad habit, developed in pasadena -- having a trader joe's on the walk home from the train meant that i stopped there usually every other day. i'm now used to being a repeat visitor.] i feel like an AA member, like i should start counting how long i can go without a target trip -- currently: 4 days.

anyway, friday night we went to cafe rio for dinner to use up some gift cards, and stopped at target on the way home to look for shoes. that was the "reason" we had for going in...but of course we ended up there for way longer. blame it on the target effect.

i wanted to walk around a bit, so we wandered up and down all the big aisles. eventually we ended up in the back near the patio furniture, which looked really comfy...so we grabbed books from the book section and parked it on the padded recliners to read. [this is a common activity...we've read at target before. we also like to hang out at barnes & noble for similar reasons.] luckily we didn't get kicked out...utahns, i've noticed, are quite passive creatures. i doubt any store workers would have had the cajones to try to ask us to move.

so we're just sitting there reading and b says "man, target is the best. they have everything here. if there's ever a zombie invasion, we're moving into target." [see: zombieland obsession.] then, five minutes later: "actually, maybe not. they don't have guns. we'd have to get guns before we moved in."

i'm so glad i have a husband who is adequately prepared for zombie invasions. and i am so glad i live close to target for fun date nights like that.


Roxanne said...

How fun! Your hubby sounds so perfect! Where is my perfect hubby?

Mollie said...

Oh how I miss that Orem Super Target :( Makes me think of my mommy and daddy that I miss so much. Sniff sniff. Wow, I'm missing Utah right now, weird. That is my very favorite Target though.

megan said...

ok, I don't live that close to a supertarget, but I have 2 of them within 5 miles of me...love it!

and that does sound like fun! to just hang at target!

La La Land said...

Oh, the Target effect. I used to go to the one 2 blocks from my house in Pasadena EVERY morning on my morning walk. Now i live 11.74 miles from the nearest Target and I feel like I can't survive.

Lauren said...

I love this post. I. Love. Target. I also feel like a AA member. This month, friend of mine made a post on her blog about going on a "spending fast" and only spending money on groceries ($50/week, to be exact) and gas. I decided to join her. So for the month of March, I will be avoiding Target like the plague. It's been 2 days. I'm dying.

Dionne said...

I LOVE Target. There's a Super Target near us too and I am tempted to go there every day with it so close!

Jean said...

Man, if only Target had guns... then our lives would be complete. :-)

And yes, the Target Effect has a strong hold on me. Sometimes I take Weston just to play in the toy department. It's actually quite entertaining for him. Once that baby comes, Lyndsey, Target will become even more of a best friend than it is now!!

Mark and Sarah said...

It's so unfair. What I would give to give my a target right now!! That's one of the hardest things about living out here in the middle of no where. No target!!