Friday, June 25, 2010

being flexible

last night was rockies game #2 and it was a way bigger success than our previous attempt. for one thing we had great seats thanks to b's boss [like, 23rd-row-great seats], and there was NO rain...instead it was like 85 degrees until 8 p.m. and i think i sweat my brains out, but no major complaints.

proof that my giant belly was in ridic do i look? holy cow i can't wait to be normally proportioned again:

here's a fun fact about me. i was raised NEVER staying till the end of anything. concerts, sporting events, outdoor movies, whatever -- my dad hates crowds and always insisted on leaving early to "beat the rush." that has been so drummed into my head [along with other gems, like an insane need to fill my gas tank if the indicator gets below a quarter-tank, and never sitting on the arm of the couch] that as an adult i typically insist on the exact same thing.

last night the rockies played the red sox and it was a GOOD game. i think half the stadium was cheering for the sox and the score was really close...i was intrigued to see who'd win, plus we went with friends so i didn't want to spoil their fun by leaving early. we decided to stay till the end even though i thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown thinking about all the "crowds" we'd be stuck with, since the whole stadium was still full. and WHAT happened?? they freaking tied the score and we had to go into extra innings. we were sitting in front of annoying drunk fans and it was way past my bedtime and i seriously had anxiety [pathetic]...but i stuck it out.

and...the sox won :( BUT when it was time to go, guess what? the parking lot wasn't so bad. we didn't get caught in crazy traffic. and i was proud we had stayed till the end. so i guess i learned i can actually be flexible and it all works out okay. life lesson, thanks to the rockies.

p.s. today is my one-year anniversary of quitting my job in LA. sad face. since then i've lived in three states, had two jobs and grown an almost full-term fetus -- what a year! seems like just yesterday we were sitting at my farewell lunch learning michael jackson had died...such an eventful day :)


Jean said...

Haha! Isn't it funny how concerned our parents were/are about "beating the crowds?" I think that was ingrained in me, too. Hooray for staying til the end!!! Now you know, and you have shared that wisdom with all of us. :-)

Wow, what a busy year it's been for you guys!!! You should move around and grow new people with this speed ALL the time! (Haha, j/k!)

Brandon and Erica said...

I still remember getting your text last year that MJ had died! Crazy!

Favorite line from this post:

"along with other gems, like an insane need to fill my gas tank if the indicator gets below a quarter-tank, and never sitting on the arm of the couch]"

haha, you are too much :)

Michelle said...

I love those funny quirks you learned growing up. Way to stick it to the end. When it goes into extra innings, Kyle calls it "Free Baseball" and just LOVES it. He's disappointed he couldn't be there with you.

You are looking darling. You do not look, "ridic" silly. Way to hang in there. Sitting in those seats for such a long spell was not exactly comfy, was it?

Well darling, keep on keepin' on. Love your updates. :)

Mollie said...

Whatever! You look amazing! If you could see me now you would feel so good about yourself and I still have a whole trimester to go. I'm HUGE!

Jennifer said...

Oh Dear Lyndsey. How I smiled with your remark "to be normally proportioned again." While I don't doubt you will find an adorable petite feminine form once again, let me just say what most don't dare to say - IT'S NOT the same. There are souvenirs!!!

How I heart you and look forward to meeting your expected bundle :)

Allison said...

Michael Jackson... [sniff]

Chris and Paige Evans said...

surprise surprise i have the exact same anxiety. I always leave early from big events so I don't have to sit in traffic/crowds. way to go sticking it out!

you're still looking super cute even at 9 months pregnant!!