Monday, June 21, 2010

pregnancy defiance week

had my 38 week appointment today...i'm not dilated but baby is definitely in position to get moving, so we'll see how things go. we have tickets to the rockies game on thursday so i hope he stays put till then -- but after that he is more than welcome!

in the meantime, i spent most of last week mentally denying i'm pregnant and doing plenty of things that other pregos may or may not tend to avoid. in no particular order:

+ my baby to do list is all checked off. i now spend my afternoons by the pool and it is glorious.

+ tuesday we went up to red rocks to watch princess bride with friends. i am such a sucker for outdoor movies and this did not disappoint. the crowd booed and cheered at all the right parts during the flick and we enjoyed the view of denver from the top of the mountains in our cozy pillow fort.

+ the "walk" [aka hike] up to lovely red rocks was KILLER. totally steep hills and such...i kind of thought i was going to go into labor right there on the mountain, or at least pass out from lack of oxygen. our new colorado friends had a worried look in their eye for me but b assured them i was fine. no early labor was had :)

+ saturday we went back up in the mountains to hang with my bff brittany [& husband spencer] who grew up in evergreen and was visiting for the weekend. it was so so good to see familiar faces and we had a lovely time. we even visited this fantastic hot dog stand in bailey:

it is definitely cool to buy a hot dog inside a giant stucco hot dog stand, but if you're in a hurry i wouldn't recommend it. i'm pretty sure it doesn't really take 40 minutes to cook a hot dog but in bailey it does.

+ britt's grandma barb turned 80 years young over the weekend and threw herself a giant birthday party complete with a live band, dancing, catering and flourless chocolate cake. we attended, along with 100 of her closest friends and family, and it rocked.

+ i even got out on the dance floor at said party. good to know i can still shake my 8.5-month-pregnant booty to some katy perry...however, probably not the most lovely thing for all the other attendees to watch. sorry.

+ i heart britt & spence. even though brittany is so freaking teeny and cute and i currently look like a giant whale:

+ i continue to wear stiletto heels to church every week. yesterday a woman we didn't previously know came up, introduced herself, complimented my shoes and said "you have seriously fantastic legs, especially for a pregnant girl." why thank you.

+ over the weekend we consumed BJs pizookies, donuts, candy, birthday cake, EL fudge, and homemade ice cream sandwiches. okay, so that part is TOTALLY a pregnancy-acceptance item, not part of my defiance week. but it was yummy...until it made us sick. [side note to b: don't leave your father's day candy from church at home with your pregnant wife. hope you weren't planning to eat it tonight.]

hopefully soon we'll see some baby action. then i can really deny i was ever pregnant and get back to regular life...though i'm sure the dessert consumption won't be changing.


Angela and Mike said...

haha, I loved so many things about this post. You were a crazy woman last week. Were you TRYING to put yourself into labor with those hikes? I remember Brittany from Comms at BYU, right? She is totally cute and teeny, and you look totally awesome full term pregnant!

I like the idea of afternoons by the pool...ahhhh. Baby Wells is almost here, I can hardly stand it!!!

Brandon and Erica said...

So fun! i love your recap :) And, Brittany IS cute and little...but dude, SO ARE YOU! You are all belly, and I mean that in the most endearing sense.

Show us a pic of those legs! :)

Glad you're having fun in your last t-minus 2 weeks of no baby.

Michelle said...

WHALE?! Not so. You are darling. And I'm glad you have people complimenting you on your legs. You still look tiny and cute.

I'm super impressed (way jealous) that you have checked everything off your baby to-do list. I don't think I've checked everything off the to-do list for my first kid yet.... and it's been 6.5 years.

Hope you have fun at the game!!!!!!

Chelsea said...

You make me happy... Hearing about your life always makes me want to go have fun, smile bigger, be more creative, etc. You rock, and I can't wait until baby Wells is here!

Jessica Marie said...

Glad you're getting out of the house and doing fun stuff around Denver. :) I've been to those red rocks many times... and outdoor movies are the best.

We went to BJs for pizza and a pizookie while we were in CA. Delicious. :)