Monday, June 14, 2010

rained out

friday night we had tickets to the rockies game. i loooove a good baseball game. sunshine, hot dogs, ice cream, tan lines, baseball hats, you name it -- nothing says summer to me like a trip to the ballpark.

this was SO not that game.

it rained all weekend here in denver and it was COLD. we were optimistic about the game because it wasn't currently raining when we left our apartment...but by the time we got to the stadium, the sky was ominous. plus they have all these "tornado warnings" here so they wouldn't let people sit in the stands till the weather cleared. we kicked it under the overhangs with the other million people in the stadium and ate our snacks, drank our vitamin waters, watched the rain and pretended we were watching baseball.

finally we got to go down to our seats, but it started raining again. the game started 90 minutes late and we watched the first four innings from major nosebleed seats -- the only place we could stay dry, though the biting wind kept us a little uncomfortable. we left after the 4th inning and they ended up calling the game in the 6th, so luckily we didn't miss much.

does all that sound like it sucked? because it totally didn't. i had so much fun with b, just trying to keep dry and wondering what the poor people were doing that night. [that's my granddad's favorite joke...i wanted to call him and inform him they were indeed sitting in the rain at a jilted rockies game.]

and maybe b's homemade hot chocolate when we got home that night was the true winner of the evening. mmm. who needs summer when you have hot chocolate?


Jen said...

Sad! My sister went to the game too and was lucky enough to have seats under the overhang. Glad to hear you had fun despite the weather.

Paul said...

hey, so not sure if you remember me, met a few times in downtown LA with the ormes, and vandermydes and that gang. Anyway so I just saw you post a comment on Jill and Kenny brady. crazy we now live in their ward in Fullerton