Thursday, July 1, 2010

emo prego

a. feeling a little homesick today, for both of my homes [LA and provo]. above photo was found on LAist and just reminded me so much of home. additionally, it seems like provo seriously hits its stride for the 4th of july -- no better time to be in town than now, and of course i'm not. and this naturally leads to every out-of-state friend pilgrimaging to provo for visits this time of year. how about you come visit during winter when i'm bored out of my mind instead?


b. here's a story for you. once upon a time i moved to colorado and spent my days alone at home. i've always loved morning TV so now i keep the today show / regis + kelly on while i go about my mornings. in denver, a lovely local talk show called everyday comes on after r+k so usually i end up watching it. there are three hosts on the show and i've gotten a little attached. b makes fun of me because i always talk about them like they are my friends.

so yesterday my mom flew in and we went to sweet tomatoes [souplantation for you californians] for lunch. when we were walking out i saw one of the hosts of the show, my favorite host in fact, walking IN THE DOOR! i just double-taked but kept walking. maybe i was feeling shy, maybe it's the LA part of me to just observe celebs [or pseudo-celebs] without wanting to bother them -- so i didn't say anything.

last night i tweeted at her and asked if she'd been in lone tree. and this morning she wrote me back and said:

@paperlyndsey yes! You should have stopped me to say hi!

ahhh. i SHOULD have said hello. b tells me it would have been great. i could have pitched her, i could have answered baby questions for the millionth time, i could have told her i love her show. but i didn't. lame. :(


c. today is july 1! that means it's officially BIRTHDAY MONTH [see here or here or here for past celebrations]. woot. this also means baby dub has made it close enough to his due date that he too will be forever included in birthday month. which was completely unplanned but is a welcome coincidence.

when i woke up this morning b said "happy first day of birthday month!" and i said "do i get a present today? because i should get a present every day of birthday month." he didn't really like that idea.

but he does keep asking me what i want for my birthday. and i can't really come up with anything. i also can't think of anything "fun" to do, since my usual m.o. is to DO something rather than GET something for our birthdays. it makes me sad. i told b i can't come up with anything good and he said, "well, we're gonna get a baby during birthday month. that's a pretty good present." i guess so. this has been a great summer [massages, pool time, eating out, movies, outings] but i still want to do something fun FOR birthday month.


d. i'm in a bad mood. i think i need the pool today.


Brandon and Erica said...

FRIEND! An email is forthcoming to ::hopefully:: brighten up your July 1st blues....


Happy Birthday month INDEED


Jen said...

Colorado is nice in July - perfect pool weather. I hope your mood brightens. You'll be a super busy new mommy soon enough.

Lambson Family said...

i just want u to know that i think ur the funniest girl i know! cant wait for u to have that little baby! go for a walk up a big tall hill, sit in a very hot room and then get a back massage. thats what got eliza outta me :)

Amy said...

Maybe B can plan a nice picnic in the mountains for you. You can nap on a blanket out in nature and soak up the sun! Only after you watch "Everyday"!
P.S. I hope "Everyday" is a lot better than Good Things Utah!

Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

by the way... if you want to have the baby in 3 days, ask the doctor to strip your membranes! I'm two for two with having that technique put me into labor in 2-3 days! (beware, if you're not dilated to a 3, it will hurt during the 15 second procedure and for 3-5 minutes afterwards! But it's better than the pain of pitocin!!) Your choice! Good luck!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

if this is you in a bad mood - i want to be you!

TWO DAYS until baby wells right?!?!?

You Are My Fave said...

That Everyday host probably lives for people to recognize her. But I wouldn't have said hi either. One time we saw Kings of Leon walking down the street and only nonsensical words came out of my mouth.

lyndsey said...

melanie - um, kings of leon is WAY cooler than this everyday lady. you win. :)

La La Land said...

Sorry for the blues. July is birthday month for me too, and I fully believe in celebrating all month, too.

Go downtown to the celebration for the's so great.

I love your celebrity sighting. I think it's totally the L.A. in you. I would have done the same. And I have to agree with Amy, I hope your new morning show is better than Good Things Utah...gag.