Monday, September 6, 2010

[non-] labor day

apparently no one in this town understands labor day.

let me tell you how fun it was to be in provo today. we had lunch at five guys -- that part was okay -- and then b & my dad were going to go gaming at a local video game place [fyi, b and my dad & brother like to go to internet cafes and "kill zombies for hours...days...weeks on end" (qwest commercial) -- it's their male bonding]. but it was closed for the holiday.

so they came home and my parents volunteered to babysit and b & i were going to go get massages since i still haven't gotten that birthday massage. two of the three day spas we called were closed -- the third one didn't have an opening until 6:30 p.m. so it was a no go.

then we tried to get a redbox movie, but they didn't have anything we liked. then i took one of j's outfits back to a store who couldn't offer a cash refund but instead will send me a the mail. okay, ever hear of digital technology, people? then even the freaking snow cone booth by our apartment was closed. ughhhhhh. work with me here!!

we ended up just coming home and watching the money pit. which wasn't entirely a bad way to spend an afternoon. hope things around here open up soon.

in closing, please enjoy this picture of my baby boy throwing a gang sign, because why not? he's adorable, and really good at moving his arms around [also wriggling them out of his swaddle, no matter how tight i wrap him -- the kid is a houdini]. i love jack.


Angela and Mike said...

I LOVE jack throwing the gang sign. he is SO cool and OH-so cute. I loved meeting him and being at baby j's blessing. It even made Mike cry a little :)

Jean said...

Ah, good to see that little J is running with a gang these days. Provo is a pretty rough town, after all. :-) Haha!

I love The Money Pit. I used to watch it ALL the time!

Season said...

Jack is too cute. He's a little young for the 'hood but I wouldn't worry about it.

Megan said...

that picture is awesome! I love his face! Such a cutie!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Bummer dude. But Jack is super duper cute which makes up for a sorta poopy day!

Lacey said...

He is growing so fast and is so freakin' adorable!!! Love that kid!
Sorry you had a bad day, I did too if it makes you feel any better!! Hahaha! Tell the grandparents hello for me. Thanks.

Leandra said...

Whad-up Gangsta?