Monday, September 27, 2010

45 minutes

[do i have any pictures that don't include jack these days? sure, but they're not nearly this cute. i'm just doing you a favor.]

i'm just sitting here eating lunch & reading blogs, and thinking about how weird it is that i individually inspect every piece of fruit i eat, before i eat it. i have a big bowl of grapes on my desk and i can't just grab one while i read and pop it in my mouth -- i have to check it for bruises or grossness. i do this with strawberries, apple slices, whatever. don't get me started on bananas and their brown spots because those most likely end up in the trash. is that some type of disorder?

anyway, the weirdest thing is happening with j. it's been off and on for a few weeks, but starting a few days ago i will put him down for a nap and he will wake up, without fail, exactly 45 minutes later. it is UNCANNY. put him down, set a timer, exactly 45 minutes later his eyes pop open. no kidding. i could keep a clock by the kid. this is happening EVERY nap.

i guess it's a light-sleep-cycle thing -- babywise calls it the 45-minute intruder, friends have told me it's normal, blah blah blah. i'm sort of sleep training him and just leaving him in the crib to cry for a couple minutes before he puts himself back to sleep, which he usually does and then sleeps for another 90 minutes or so, so i KNOW he's still tired. i just find it truly amazing that it's so regular. babies are weird.

in other news, b is home!! he was in LA this time and visited our former workplace, our friends, our old trader joe's, even tito's tacos. i was seething with jealousy for four days, single mom-ing it up in lovely orem utah. luckily my sister came to keep me company for a few days, and b came home with a big bag of TJs goodness including my favorite pineapple salsa. so i guess all is well. now if only we could break the 45-minute craziness... :)


Season said...

That is such a cute picture. Clara did the 45 minute thing too for a little while a few months back. I have no idea what the solution is. However, she doesn't do it anymore so I would assume that it's a phase? Finally, I inspect my fruit as well. Meticulously. You're not alone.

Amy said...

What is this about you and a job interview at the mall? Please, do tell!

Jean said...

You guys are adorable. I'm also jealous of B's LA trip. I was just thinking of blogging about how much I miss TJ's!

Jenny said...

I check my fruit, too. I hate eating grapes that have brown spots or are too soft.

I hope the 45 minute nap phase passes soon for you!

Jillyboo said...

I am so with you on the fruit thing, I do the same.And, seriously? Tell Jack to stop growing... he's getting so big. What a total cutie.