Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the past week

in case you were wondering, things have been a little cray-cray around here lately. [fyi "cray cray" is my new term for crazy, picked up from last week's project runway. is it just me or is that show totally hilarious this season?] so here's a brief recap.

- last monday i took jack to his 2 month doctor's appointment and he had to get his shots. :( i made b come with me and i still teared up; luckily, j recovered quickly [faster than i did, in fact]. haha. i know vaccinations are a hot topic especially among my friends, but we are pro-vac in this house. even though it breaks my heart. b took me out for ice cream after -- j gets the pain, i get the reward.

- i took j to arizona over the weekend, by MYSELF. it was his first plane ride and he seriously took it like a champ. then he proceeded to outdo himself by being fantastic throughout the weekend, which was full of noisy family parties, all-day shopping trips and tons of irregular naptimes. he only freaked a couple times, and who can blame him? h&m really IS kind of a wack place to hang out, if you think about it.

- this is the week we have ALL been waiting for: premiere week! yay! b & i seriously love us some good tv shows. pathetic, maybe, but whatever. it's cheap and doesn't violate the word of wisdom, so if TV is my worst vice i think i'm doing okay. last night was chuck [b's faaaavorite], tomorrow is modern family & survivor, thursday is so freaking ridiculous i can't even wrap my head around it [30 rock, community, outsourced, project runway]. woot. don't call me, i'm busy programming my DVR.

- my sister is coming to visit this weekend and i'm so excited. don't mention the fact that i'll be husbandless AGAIN. in a 30 day period b & i will have been apart exactly 15 days. barf. sometimes jack screams when b tries to hold him and i'm pretty sure it's because he forgot he has a dad. haha. i can't WAIT for traveling season to be over.

- i really wanted to take a photo to document j's flight, but i was a little preoccupied with the whole baby feeding / sleeping / comforting / entertaining / carseat carrying thing going on at the airport. boo. so instead just enjoy this little pic. i think j is the cutest.

till another week!


Amy said...

It is always so frightening taking a baby on the airplane! You never how they are going to act and if you will be the recipient of evil glances from fellow passengers! Glad he was/is a good boy! And p.s. I know all about being a single parent so maybe we can have a play date soon! I'll bring cupcakes!

Angela and Mike said...

haha I love your theory on TV. really though, if that's the worst thing we do...we are doing pretty well. haha. and jack IS the cutest. I'm so proud of him for being so good in AZ! Booo for b being gone all the time. I hope j remembers he has a daddy, bc daddy's are fun!

La La Land said...

Little J is SO cute! I have to agree with the PR comment...very funny season! And I have now adopted the term "Cray Cray," too. Love it!

Ashley said...

you didn't include the office in your list!!!

Leandra said...

Well he IS the cutest. you know where I'll be tonight- loving my life watching Modern Family. I love premier week too! Except I missed Biggest Loser last night like an idiot. next time.

You Are My Fave said...

Yes, Project Runway has been the absolute best this season. I so planned my week around TV premieres and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My life is lame, so sue me.