Thursday, September 2, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

[b putting up his ute flag]

today marks the first day of college football season. b has been salivating over this day for months and can hardly wait for the ute kickoff tonight. my rabid-USC-fan grandparents are in hawaii for the trojans' first game. byu's first game is saturday night and we'll be watching on TV [b is rooting for washington, naturally]. we may or may not have purchased some new technology to better enjoy the broadcasted games. and jack has enough team onesies to last him the season. yeah, we like football.

in other news, this has been a great week.
+ i started back to freelancing; feels amazing to get a little baby break and use my analytical brain a bit.
+ j is back to his happy little self.
+ b started school.
+ had my first-ever mommy playdate this week at thanksgiving point. both j and i were a little unsure as to whether we belonged with the 9,000 other moms & kids; i think this may take some getting used to.
+ my fam comes to town tomorrow.
+ i froze to death on my run this morning. goodbye, summer.
+ i'm getting french toast with ang in an hour.

hooray for fall!


Jesse said...

I guess brandon and I should be good buddies because I am a Utah man my self

dana said...

haha. great title.
And good rundown of things going on. Sorry the summer is gone. We could use a little cold over here :)

Emi said...

Bring it on.

The Facks of Life said...

oh b! how funny you and your football are. hope it's a good year for you!

fyi, i still don't fit in with the mommy play date people. thus the reason why i've always loved my kidless friends. i love activities that don't involve talking about kids every 5 seconds. you may never fit in, and that's just fine with me! :)

Brandon and Erica said...

I forgot to tell you that I think B should reward you HIGHLY for a) staying with J the entire weekend while he was in Moab, and b) staying with J again all night while B went to scream his head off at the Utah game :)

And yeah, Football Season = lots of time to sit and stare at a TV screen and daydream, while your husband cheers on his "team"

Angela and Mike said...

HOoray for football, and fall, and french toast, and cute j.