Tuesday, November 16, 2010

jack is cute

the title really pretty much says it all. my mom & sister came to town over the weekend [while b was in south bend, indiana for the notre dame / utah game, which you may have heard turned into a bloodbath...poor b] and we had so much fun. and by fun i mean mostly we sat around and looked at jack and oohed & ahhed at his every move.

case in point:

lest i get carried away in all the bliss of parenthood, let me point out three things that currently suck about having a baby:

1. my hair. it is awful. i've rethought the current hair color more than once the past few months, but that's not even the worst of it. i lose like nine million strands of hair a day and my hairline is receding and the hair that's left is limp and non-volumized. gross. i don't even like seeing pictures of myself these days. i'm already scheduled to see my CA hair lady over xmas break and i'm seriously counting down the days.

2. my life is sort of boring. i don't really realize this until people come to visit and i'm like "oh, no, we can't go to lunch till jack wakes up from his nap" or "jack is getting tired, we better go home" or "jack needs to eat so i'll just stay home and feed him while you get takeout." i'm sort of a homebody. thank goodness for the internet, DVR and a husband who likes to have date nights at home.

3. car seats are freaking heavy and only getting heavier, thanks to my little chubbo. i was leaving an activity at my church last week and missed a step on the way out, while carrying a plate of cookies, a diaper bag and j in his car seat. the cookies went in a bush, the car seat slammed into the ground and i landed hard on both knees. poor jack was briefly freaked out but totally unharmed. my knees on the other hand may never be the same. here's the gory closeup five days later:

don't worry, they've had it worse. in college i suffered a traumatic longboarding accident and my knees actually bled / oozed for days. luckily this time all the damage is internal...but they hurt. guess i should watch my step.

lots of other things are good about being a mommy, though. after my last post j decided to switch it up and sleep for 11 hours in a row. he's also quite adept at pulling my hair, babbling and smiling all the time. love that kid.


Michelle said...

Oh my heavens! Forget about my foot-- YOUR POOR KNEES!!! Bless your heart, darlin, it looks like the green goblin just paid a visit to your limbs!!!!!

Jack is cute! Be sure to take lots of mental snapshots. It was just yesterday you and B were taking little Cade to the park when we were moving to chicago. HE WAS 2!!!! Where does time go?

I have learned that when life is dull, that is a very good thing. Prooooomise! But if you want some excitement, you know where to drop Jack off! SERIOUSLY. And when I get back on my feet (literally), I'm happy to come to your place.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR TODAY. You are a dear. love you. xoxo

Angela and Mike said...

Oh MY. He IS so so so cute. That little face is just so adorable. Isn't having a baby fun (and exhausting). Way to go for j sleeping 11 hours. You have totally almost come out of the newborn ish phase which was my least favorite. Sleeping makes life SO much better.

Boring is good :) I spend countless hours building legos, driving cars, and watching Colton go up and down the stairs. Gotta love it.

Hope I can see you next week!

Sarah said...

jack it cute! and nice fall! ouch!

Lori and Matt said...

oh my gosh... your poor knees! yeah for sleep!

Season said...

Sad day for your knees! Oh, and losing cookies to a bush is a huge tragedy in my book too.

...I read your post earlier this morning and was going to comment, but then Clara bumped her head on the coffee table and started WAILING like it was the end of the world...oh man. Babies. I tell you.

Here's the up side of being a homebody: No scraping car windows! Woo-hoo!! That has GOT to be the worst thing about winter.

Megan said...

ouch!!! your poor knees!!! Good thing he's so dang cute!

Brittany Karford Rogers said...

Oh, I remember that longboarding accident. Did you forgive me for that? I can't remember. Those knees have been through a lot. Call me next time you need someone to carry a cute baby into a building for you; it can be my penance.

Leandra said...

no! your poor knees! I knew I should have come to that activity- I could have helped you carry something! Sorry friend, they look so sad.

and jack is really really really cute. I think it every time i see him

Jean said...

Awww, your legs!!! OUCH!!! I hope it's getting better now. Yeah, those carseats are a pain. They just get heavier and heavier as the kid gets older, and then at one point you stop taking it out of the car because it is SO FREAKING HEAVY.

Oh my goodness, Jack is seriously so cute. You are right. :-)