Wednesday, November 3, 2010


that's a picture of my planner from last week. it was a really really busy week. what have i done this week? gotten sick...and that's about it. b was sick with a cold over the weekend, j started coughing his tiny little lungs out on monday [but thankfully recovered quickly and is pretty much better now] and lucky ME got hit with the worst of it yesterday.

annnnd it's still here, going strong. plus now i'm too paranoid to take cold meds because the doctor told me the decongestants can affect your milk supply if you're nursing, and this afternoon j had a very un-characteristic freak-out and was starving barely two hours after eating, so no more meds for me.

just because i feel crappy, and b is at school all night, and j is asleep, here's a list of why i hate colds:
- my lips are chapped ALL THE TIME
- my nose is like a fountain of snot [sorry, i know that's gross, but don't act like it's never happened to you]
- i want to stay in bed all day even though i "only" have a runny/stuffy nose, headache & cough
- my head is cloudy, i can't remember anything and i just sit around in a daze breathing though my mouth

i loooove making lists [though not necessarily lists like the one above]. my planner is especially good for this. i made major lists when i worked full time and even kept some of my notebooks as a memento of making lists and crossing things off. now that i'm a sahm my lists consist more of things like "paint nails," "pay hospital bill," "vacuum," etc but whatever, i still get major satisfaction out of crossing them off.

this week "groceries" has been on my list every single day and i just barely crossed it off with a trip to target an hour ago. i'm not feeling incredibly motivated so now i'm off to sit on the couch and catch up on dvr. is that productive enough to be added to my to do list?


Chelsea said...

I can totally relate to 1. hating being sick and 2. making lists! Every day for my sanity I have to make a lot of lists, although my idea of a successful day has definitely changed since before Elijah. My list is more flexible - most of the things just need to get done at some point this week. I hope you guys feel better!

Angela and Mike said...

It's okay to just let yourself be sick. The trick is convincing little Jack to let you be sick and not be too demanding :) Get better soon! I'm sorry :( Colds are SO lame.

Aimee and Jared said...

If you would have waited one more hour to get groceries, you would have seen me there! My plan to sync my life with yours is almost working! Sorry about your sicky family. Grant has a little something, too. Let's all get better soon so we can get our mom-dates rolling again!

Amy said...

I love that you still keep a planner! I do too! Did you see the tutorial on my blog on how to make a cover for one? Anyway, I am with you on the whole busy thing. It's exhausting and I am busier now as a sahm than I ever was as a full time paid employee!

Jennifer said...

I think the culprit with cold meds is often the antihistamine - could dry some of the milk supply. Decongestants aren't recommended, but I don't think they'd threaten milk too much - especially if he's a regular eater.

Get your fluids. Get your rest. Blah blah blah - heard that before. I think it's harder to bounce back from a cold when you are also busy sustaining the life of another human being :)

Sorry you are under the weather.