Tuesday, November 23, 2010


here are some things i think are cool.

1. tonight we're supposed to get some giant blizzard. all day long i've heard people freaking out about it; costco was packed with doomsday-ers stocking up on crap; byu closed down at 3 p.m.; the news broadcasters were talking like it's the apocalypse. so far there's a little snow outside but i definitely don't think it warrants any panic. mormons sure love a good pending disaster. [but it IS supposed to be below 20 degrees for the next few days, so that is just about as terrifying it gets for me, i guess.]

2. last week i took a couponing class with the mba wives. this subject both fascinates and overwhelms me. i started getting a little freaked when i tried it out, so i created a modified semi-couponing routine and so far it's going pretty well. i saved almost $20 on my $60 target trip tonight, including two free boxes of chocolate chip eggo waffles. i'm stocked up! that's how we prepare for blizzards in this house.

3. the past few nights, jack has flipped out when it's bedtime [normally around 730] and stayed awake, happy and playing until 10 p.m. then, today, he decided he didn't want to take naps and barely got 2 hours of sleep in all day. i do not understand this, especially since he's usually a really consistent sleeper AND because he's still in a good mood despite the lack of sleep. then tonight he conked out while he was eating at 645 and was blissfully fast asleep in his crib at 7 p.m. you lose some, you win some, i guess.

4. last night we went to winco for the first time [which BLEW MY MIND...i'm not kidding. okay, not the whole store, just that bulk-item section...wow] and we saw special edition hot pockets in the freezer section! b designed and wrote the packaging for these "feeding america" boxes during his internship! i am so proud. bet you'll never walk past the frozen foods section the same way again :)

5. took jacko to his first art exhibit today -- the carl bloch exhibit at the byu museum of art. he's so cultured. i loved it and felt so inspired & educated. [shout out to laura ;) ]

6. thanksgiving is coming, b doesn't have another trip planned for months [fingers crossed that doesn't change...he's been in 4 states in the past 2 weeks] and christmas is just a month away! i love the holidays.

the end.


Season said...

I had a feeling all day that this blizzard everyone is running wild about would skip right over Orem. Although—the night is still young. And couponing? It's such a foreign concept to me. I mean—I can't seem to understand how it's something so intense that it needs a CLASS about it. So you'll need to enlighten me. Oh yeah—and that video of Jack laughing? Adorable! Happy Thanksgiving!

Aimee and Jared said...

grant and i loved going to the exhibit with you guys! good culture, good company.

Aimee and Jared said...

grant and i loved going to the exhibit with you guys! good culture, good company.

Mary Martha said...

Jack is the cutest little boy. So happy for you! Funny about the people over-reacting for the blizzard. It would have been cool to be there for it.

Jean said...

That is a seriously fabulous and well-designed Hot Pockets box there. GO BRANDON!!!