Sunday, April 10, 2011

fun at church

jack hangs out with a posse of other babies at church, all his same age. i think there were like 10 kiddos born in 2010 in our ward, and it's so fun to see them all together -- especially now that they're all mobile. they crawl after each other and share [/steal] toys and babble at each other. here's jack, clara and ethan having a pow wow during sunday school [jack is the one with the most hair]:

today, b took jack to sunday school on his own [while i ran home to get a snack...shh. i guess that's a perk of living 20 seconds away from church. hey, i'm nursing a baby...i get hungry!!] and apparently jack decided to play lord of the rings. he saw our friend michael's cane lying on the ground and scooted right over to it:

and then started waving it around, gandalf-style:

if jack could talk, i'm pretty sure he would have said "you shall not pass!" [that is the dorkiest joke i've made all week and i blame it on my 10th grade english teacher for making me read j.r.r. tolkien over summer vacation.]

we're still having kind of a tough time making it through all 3 hours of church since it means jack misses his morning nap, but overall he does pretty well. i haven't listened to one full lesson or talk in months though i try really hard to pay attention.

sometimes i let jack practice his crawling -- which is actually a super fast army crawl; he's really efficient so i don't think he sees much need for getting his tummy off the ground [should i be worried about that?]. in just the past week or so he's gotten SO good at it...he follows us from room to room, takes laps around our ottoman, explores the lair below our dining room table, etc. it's so fun to watch. but he still has some obstacles -- today at church, he got trapped below some chairs that had low backs, and couldn't figure out how to get past them without banging his head. haha. i had to rescue him and then he went right back to the row of chairs. i guess i definitely can't say church is ever boring with jacko in my life.

p.s. my second interview for the mormon women project is up -- i got to write about swarupa katuka, an awesome LDS woman from new delhi india. please check it out :)


Angela and Mike said...

first of all NO YOU SHOULD NOT be worried that j's tummy isn't off the ground. If they are mobile, that's all the dr cares about. They always told me "scooting, rolling, crawling whatever...we just like to see that they can get from point a to point b by the time they are 12 months."

and that is where I freaked out...haha, since Colton couldn't roll over.

But, I LOVE the gandolf pic. Too funny. and church is totally different with a baby. Totally entertaining, but not as spiritally enlightening. I remember saying "I'm only here because I'm supposed to be, I'm not getting much out of it!" Once they go into nursery it gets better, but then it also gets more boring :)

Season said...

Ha ha! I love it! I love how there's a baby hangout section in the relief society room these days, and how everyone has to maneuver around them. I saw Clara trying to steal Jack's snacks today. What is it with babies thinking they own the whole world??

Aimee and Jared said...

Cute Jack!! I love thinking about Brandon taking these pictures of Jack during Sunday school.

Jean said...

Hahahaha... I love the baby posse. They should go around Sunday School and rough people up. Hahaha!

And kudos to Jack on mastering the crawl... WOOHOO!