Thursday, April 14, 2011

schoooool's out for summer

spring is here! maybe! i'm sure just by me writing this, it will snow tonight -- but let's hope not. today the sun is out so i had b take a couple pictures of me and my boy outside, and i can't get over how green the grass looks. or how cute jackal is ;)

but anyway, back to spring. yesterday was b's last day of class -- forever! it blows my mind how quick the past two years have gone by. feels like just yesterday i was walking out of my office in downtown LA on my last day at golinharris...and now here i am, with a baby and an almost-MBA-grad husband and a freelance career. cuckoo.

jack and i snuck up to campus yesterday and decorated b's car:

with a secret little ute surprise, of course ;)

we're just a few finals and one ceremony away from having an official graduate. yay for b!

now if you'll excuse me, i need to go carb load. slc half marathon is only two days away! eep.


Angela and Mike said...

CRAZY! I can't believe he's done...I totally remember us emailing each other about going to byu like 2 months ago, but apparently it was 2 years ago.

and kick BUTT at your race. I'm so excited for you!

Chelsea said...

You look fantastic! I guess that a post about Brandon graduating should probably elicit a different sort of first response, like Congrats!! I am excited for you guys and the next chapter in your lives. But really, you look great! That first pic of you and Jack is so great - he seems to have quite the personality! And I can't wait to hear about your big run on Saturday. Break a leg... not really, but best of luck!

carynthemom said...

Adorable all around.

Wendy said...

congrats on having mba school behind you! you got the half marathon in the bag- you'll be fine- i have no doubt.

Jean said...

Okay, I'm way late on checking blogs, but Jack is ADORABLE!!! And I love the car decor. Well done. :-)