Thursday, April 28, 2011


it's official -- b is an MBA graduate. hooray!

feels like just yesterday we were packing up our LA life and heading for provo, and here we are -- one baby, two cars, one half marathon, one internship, two christmases and one graduate degree later. i'm SO proud of b and all the hard work he has put in.

graduation started at 8 a.m. -- we had to be there by 7 a.m. -- and this is how jack felt about that.

he actually did great during the 2+ hour ceremony, in which they read the names of all 1,100 business department grads. for some brilliant reason they like to include the 700 undergrad business kids with the masters students and that is just WAY too many.

b called me from his seat on the floor to tell me where he was sitting. he couldn't understand why i couldn't see him when THIS was what i was looking at:

finally it was over and we met our graduate outside! jack was utterly fascinated by b's tassel and wouldn't look at the camera for a million binkies:

my parents, b's parents & brother & grandma, and of course jack & i were all there to celebrate with him.

group shot w/ some of b's bffs from the program (thanks gretchen ;) :

here's b in front of the tanner building, where he's spent most of his waking hours over the past two years. (and, incidentally, home of the now-defunct marketplace cafe where i worked to put myself through college.)

a graduate, a Y, a baby:

we followed up the ceremony with a delish lunch at la jolla groves. my family is STILL raving about how much they loved this place. if you want to impress your parents, take them to la jolla groves.

what's next for my MBA? that's a great question. we've got some pretty exciting things in the works and hopefully i'll have a concrete answer for you in the next few weeks.

in the meantime, i'm going to quite enjoy having b around all the time as we enjoy this beautiful utah spring/summer. in college, i always bolted home to california as soon as winter finals were over, but spending spring in utah is something that always appealed to me. so we'll be hiking and taking walks and playing outside and crossing restaurants off our bucket list all spring long.

and now i'm going to bed because seriously? it's 1130 p.m.!!! one more for good measure: !. i never ever stay up this late while b is home but when he's traveling i get all sucked into working etc and stay up waaaay too late. i'm delirious. so goodbye.


Michelle said...

congrats on all your many, many accomplishments these last two years!!! :) Way to go L&B!!! L-- so proud of your half marathon! You DID IT!!!. Miss you. xo

megan said...

2 years seriously?! I cant believe it either!! for real. look how good lookin your fam is!! love your outfit & hair! congrats!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

First, congratulations to b! Second, Marketplace Cafe is defunct? I used to love getting a bagel or something there inbetween classes on busy days. Sad!

Lori and Matt said...

Good luck with the "things in the works!" Matt talked with B the other night- we'll be crossing our fingers for you guys!

Jean said...

YEAH B!!!!! WOOHOO!!! What a huge accomplishment. I love the picture showing where he's sitting. Hahahaha!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Congrats guys! Can't wait to find out what your plans are now! Do tell!