Friday, April 29, 2011

pj day

today jack and i only left the house twice: once to go to swim lessons and once to get the mail. i didn't intend to be a recluse, but after swimming we were both cold (the pool was freezing AND it's like 40 degrees outside, of course -- thanks crazy bipolar utah spring!) so we put on our sweats and just never changed out of them.

so what did we do? just hung out, and it was glorious. jack's favorite activities these days include exploring my food storage closet, swinging doors open and shut over and over and over, trying to suck on the most disgusting objects in our home [shoes, mop, toilet brush, etc.], pulling himself up on the ottoman / couch / tv stand / dryer, and going through his toy basket one item at a time.

we shared apples and cheese, crawled around the house, read books, and talked to grammie on the phone. we watched regis and kelly, and folded laundry. he sucked on my nose a few times and has started saying "yeah!" when i ask him a question.

then i gave him a bath and put him to bed, and had a blissful solo dinner (+ dessert) while cleaning out my google reader. now i'm catching up on work and all my other random to dos and it's a great friday night.

definitely not the most exciting day of my life, but probably one of the most idyllic. i'm so lucky to have such a great little sidekick.


Angela and Mike said...

ONLY 2 times? haha, that's pretty good I many times do you USUALLY leave the house a day? I'm curious now. I do know what you mean though about loving those lazy days in pjs just doing whatever you want. Sidekicks are the best...and yours is especially cute!

Natalie said...

I LOVE those days! I would totally have one today (thanks to the stupid snow) but I already have planned places to be. Sad. But I'm glad you got to enjoy one!

nichole said...

where are you taking swimming lessons?

sounds like a great day!