Friday, May 20, 2011

seattle, here we come!

the short version: we're moving to seattle! b accepted an awesome job at microsoft and we move at the end of june.


the long version: here's a little story about faith.

in spring 2009, when b was accepted to BYU's MBA program, he was assigned an alumni mentor. b's mentor happened to be german [b lived in germany for 2 years], had family in our ward in pasadena, and worked at microsoft in seattle -- he & b hit it off right away. b was fascinated by the microsoft culture and asked the mentor lots of questions about the company. we thought, what a cool job.

throughout the MBA program, b and i knew we ultimately wanted to stay in the west; we listed LA, san francisco, portland, seattle and denver as cities we'd keep our eye on for job opportunities. during his first year, b helped plan a student trip to seattle. he toured microsoft and thought it was a great company to work for; he came home and applied for internships and jobs there but never heard anything back. then he was offered an internship in denver and we left for the summer and loved it -- or rather, loved denver, but not so much the job.

that company didn't hire b on for post-MBA work [which happens in approx half of the MBA internships] so it was back to the drawing board for second year. b is amazing at networking and researching, and found tons of job opportunities. he went to career fairs, applied for jobs, enlisted me in researching and applying, did informational interviews, phone interviews, fly backs, first rounds, second rounds...and nothing. no job offers for b. but he didn't LOVE any of the companies, either, so we just kept looking.

meanwhile, most of his classmates had nailed down jobs and everyone kept asking b "got a job yet? got a job yet?" this has got to be one of the most annoying questions on the planet, comparable only to asking a woman who is trying to have a baby "are you pregnant yet?" it's not like we weren't trying!

b stayed pretty optimistic throughout this whole process, but once in a while he'd get down on himself and wonder what was going on -- why he didn't get offers when it seemed like everyone else did. it was my job to be his perpetual cheerleader, reminding him that he IS awesome and capable and that the right job WOULD come along. we prayed and prayed that we would be led to a job that was right for b and right for our family. i honestly believed that the right job was out there for him; it was just a matter of finding it. b is a major planner and i think if he HAD gotten a mediocre job offer back in september, he would have taken it just because he worried nothing else would come along -- and it could have been a bad fit. we needed to find the right job.

spring came, graduation came and went. nothing quite as nerve-wracking as finishing school and having no idea what is next. we gave ourselves till the end of july [when our apartment contract expired] to figure something out, and decided not to stress till then. i felt really calm about the whole thing, knowing it would all work out. b was actually in good company; even now, there are a handful of b's classmates -- also very qualified, competent people -- who still don't have jobs. i really think it's just a weird year for the hiring pool.

a few weeks before graduation, b was randomly contacted by a microsoft recruiter who had seen his resume after he'd applied for those previous jobs. she had a position in mind for him and wanted to fly him out to interview. sure, why not. b had already flown to new jersey and california for jobs that month, so what was one more? he got in touch with microsoft's travel department to book his interview -- and then got a call that the job he was interviewing for had been terminated and they were reworking that whole division. there was one other position in a different area, so maybe he'd like to try for that one? oh wait -- that other position already got filled. another dead end.

then the recruiter called back. she had a different position, this time in a different department, that seemed right up b's alley. he booked his flights and went out there the week after graduation. his interview lasted 7 hours (!) and when he called me at the end, he sounded SO happy. i've never heard him that excited about an interview -- even after the 20+ interviews he's done this year. he loved the people he had met, loved seattle, loved the position. his role would be in marketing, but involved a lot of PR stuff which matched his background perfectly. it's like this job was made for him.

our second day in san diego, microsoft called b and told him he got the job! they made us an amazing offer. we were 90% sure we were going to take it, but that same week he got TWO more offers from companies in california and we had to think about all this. after months and months of waiting and getting nothing, all of the sudden everyone wanted b!

obviously, we've decided to go with microsoft. a few years ago, i might have been a little nervous about making such a big change [i've never even been to washington] but now, i feel so good about this decision. everything just fell into place and seems so meant to be -- how can i doubt that it's right for us? i feel like this job was an answer to all the prayers we've said over the past nine months -- what an amazing thing, to get such a clear answer of where exactly we're supposed to go and know that God wants us to go there...or He wouldn't have set it up so perfectly that i don't even have room to second guess it. answers to prayers always come....sometimes you just have to wait a little longer to get it.

i can't wait to see what seattle has in store for us!


Eric & Gretchen said...

Way to go B! Glad it worked out so well.

Tiffany Fife Buckmiller said...

First of all, thank you for having something for me to read at 3:45am when I can't sleep, second of all, awesome ending for you guys! One of my best friends back home is a programmer for Microsoft and he told me about their crazy interview process, and how hard it is to get a job there. Your hubby should be proud! So happy for you guys!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I still can't believe you're moving to Seattle! What a small world. I hope we'll be neighbors some day. Keep me posted on where you're looking AND if you ever need ideas about places to go or want to know if something is good/fun or not - I'm your gal! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This will make a great sacrament talk about faith :)

Janessa said...

I am both incredibly excited for you guy and more than a little jealous that you have it all figured out :) Cross your fingers that Symantec decides to make a decision about me soon, since everything else is a dead end!

Angela and Mike said...

HOORAY hooray for you guys. Thanks for the long story, I loved it. I can witness that you COMPLETELY were such an example of faith in waiting. You were so calm and trusting everything would work out. and they DID. Hooray! We are so excited for you guys. you deserve it.

2x2momma said...

I'm so glad it worked out for you guys! It can be frustrating when it seems like everyone's moving on except for you. Seattle is a beautiful city. My parents live in Mercer Island and it was voted like one of the best places to live in the country. Probably too pricey for most of us (me included) but the whole area is amazing. You guys are going to love it!

Emi said...

What a fantastic story! Congrats!

La La Land said...

Congrats! You are going to LOVE Seattle!

Leandra said...

I love how it all worked out perfectly! Seattle seems like the perfect fit for you guys. And I bet they have a Trader Joes! :)

Jean said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SO psyched for you guys! This will be wonderful. I'm not native to the NW, but I love it there. My sister lives in Anacortes. You're going to have a blast!! YAY!!