Sunday, May 29, 2011

healthy diet

ohh we've been having too much fun around here lately. seeing as how i'm self-employed and my husband is currently pre-employed, we are both home together all day every day basically treating each day like a saturday and going on all sorts of fun adventures. like seeing pirates of the caribbean 4 on a random thursday afternoon, just because we can! i love being free. thursday dates and working in your pj's is so SO much better than working 9-5 for the man, and you can quote me on that.

plus, it's a three-day weekend, time! apparently we've partied too hard, though, because i've been completely exhausted by 8 p.m. the past two nights. i missed my sunday nap today and was so worn out that i fell asleep on the couch at 630 right after i put jack to bed early. [sundays are hard on all of us.] probably not the best choice seeing as how it's now 10 p.m. and i'm wide awake, but WOW did that nap feel amazing. also b went to bed at 8 p.m. so you know there's something weird going on around here.

anyway, our new computer won't upload my newest photos, so in the meantime you get a little glimpse at jack's healthy diet. i mentioned on facebook that the kiddo has gone on a baby food fast [which is fine, except i get nervous that he's not getting all the nutrients etc he needs if he's just eating random table food, though i try really hard to give him a balanced diet], so in the meantime we just feed him whipped cream out of the can. kidding, kidding. he eats other healthy things like cheese, yogurt, chocolate chip waffles, etc. ;) but he REALLY likes whipped cream. leave it to dad to teach him this one.

oh, and don't mind all the crap in the background of these photos. we outgrew our apartment like the day we got back from colorado and have been stuffing it to the brim ever since. i cannot WAIT to move and re-organize my life because sometimes it's just not fun to keep your personal belongings lined up along the walls in every room when there's nowhere else to keep them. ikea organizing section, i'm coming your way.

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2x2momma said...

Little guy is looking too cute for words! Keep livin up your time spree- I'm thinking of all the things I'd want to do if I were in your super lucky shoes...