Tuesday, May 17, 2011

first haircut

on saturday, we took jack out for his first haircut. i love (LOVE!) that he has so much hair, but honestly, it was getting out of control. it fell down whenever i tried to spike it, and would get in his eyes. when i swooped it to the side [another little one-eyed wonder], b told me he looked like a hitler baby. so, a trim was in order.

we just took him to great clips here in orem and parked it for a random beauty school graduate. probably should have gone a little more momentous for the first haircut, but i'm not about to pay $20 for some certificate.

the before -- blissfully unaware of the pending hack job to his baby mullet:

at first he thought it was okay.

then he got nervous.

then he got pissed.

but it wasn't anything a binkie couldn't fix.

now he looks like a champ and the hair spikes much better. hooray!

also, tonight b informed me that our blog has gotten "boring" and is "only about our kid" [which i would kindly beg to differ...i still blog about non-baby subjects like weather and random thoughts as much as i ever did pre-kid].

so, if you agree with him, i apologize. but it's not like my puff the magic dragon-listening cat lady neighbor posts or trader joes obsessions were ever that much more exciting. at least with jack you get cute photos.


Britni and Chad Robertson said...

I'm impressed his first hair cut was at 10 months! I think Trey's first was at 4!!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

He looks so cute and more grown up! And I love everything you blog about so keep it up.

Aimee and Jared said...

Awww, cutie Jack! I love how you had to wear a cape, too. Can't wait to see you guys today. Been missin ya.

Danielle said...

Cool. I like you posting about Jack since the only Jack I knew was inside you. I'm glad you're doing good and can't wait to hear where your heading our of Utah. I can imagine your excitement!!!

Leandra said...

Oh my gosh. He looks so cute. I love fresh new haircuts on kids. What a little stud. And I say keep the Jack posts coming. I try to post about other things but it somehow always comes back to the kidlet. Sorry world.

scrubgrub said...

ahh such a big boy now.. we still haven't cut Ryder's hair and I just can't bring myself to do it!