Sunday, May 15, 2011

san diahgo

we made a quick family getaway to gorgeous san diego last week! it was fantastic. we claimed the purpose of the trip as "celebrating b's graduation" but really, we just wanted a little family vacation (our first with jackal) and it totally delivered. [new year's resolution #4: mission complete.]

we stayed on coronado island, in a beautiful boutique hotel called the glorietta bay inn. it was built in 1906, historic and quaint -- it was perfect for us. our suite even had a backyard patio that we utilized daily. [PLUS free breakfast, free wi fi and free cookies...i was sold.] we ate breakfast on the hotel terrace overlooking the harbor each morning and slept like rocks in our comfy king size bed every night. highly recommend the gbi.

even better, it was right across the street from the hotel del coronado. that place is beautiful! [so beautiful they modeled one of the disney world resorts after it, a fun fact i learned in 7th grade.] feels very titanic-era inside.

we spent our days going for walks, shopping on coronado's little main street, going to the pool & beach, reading books and just enjoying some good ol' family time. jack was NOT a fan of the sand.

a little nervous around the waves too, but he got used to it. [check out the two bottom teeth!]

on tuesday, b had to drive up to LA for an interview [not planned ahead of time] so we made a trip out of it. of course that means we had to stop for a little of THIS action:

jack's first trip to tito's! which, obviously, he was thrilled about...until b gave him his first taste of salsa. not a happy monkey after that.

while b interviewed, my bff jolee met up with me & jack at starbucks and we had a little reunion/introduction. she hadn't met jack before this but they hit it off -- good news since SHE will become a mama herself in only 6 short months! hooray!

my parents came down to see us on wednesday. AND, my friend roxanne came over [phil's bbq in hand] for dinner with us on thursday. sadly, no pics of that. is it a blessing or a curse to vacation in a place where family/friends are easily accessible & readily visit-able? i would argue: blessing.

during nap times, b and i hung out together and solo. i preferred to spend my alone time HERE, lounging by the pool:

but i always loved getting back to my boys. five days at the shore was just what the doctor ordered for this little fam.

"ah, san diego. drink it in, always goes down smooth." - anchorman

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Roxanne said...

love love love this post! I'm glad I got to see the 3 of you! It does NOT happen enough!