Friday, September 23, 2011

the fair

this week we went to the puyallup fair! we got a sweet 2-for-1 groupon deal and i was really excited to go. considering my last fair experience involved the LA fair and my high school boyfriend bringing another girl along with us on our "date," i'd say this time around trumped.

what's the best part about the fair? wearing plaid and cowboy boots of course.

second best thing? gorging yourself on fried food. we opted for the deep-fried oreos.

jack was in HEAVEN checking out all the animals. he got to pet a dog and a pig!

he especially liked poking the bunny cages. what do people feed rabbits? some of those things were as big as jack.

jack walked up and down the rows of bunny cages like he owned the place. he is getting so big! i feel silly calling him "baby jack" these days because he really is more of a toddler.

we went with our seattle bffs, friends from MBA school who also moved here this summer. [they have twin babies and jack really wants to play with them...he never understands why they won't crawl around too. haha.] the fair is full of some serious weirdos, so people watching is always a good time. guess we just got a little too into the whisky-tango spirit and decided to take some awful out-of-focus pictures of ourselves. oh well -- for posterity's sake:

i think my fair quota has been filled for another 10 years, but it was fun while it lasted. and now i know how to properly pronouce "puyallup" [i.e. = PUGH-ollip]. all in all, a great night.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Are they still playing all the funny/annoying "do the Puyallup" commercials? I love that you're doing so many things in your new home! I've only been to that fair once.

The Joneses said...

Oh man we love the fair...and all the sketchy fried foods!! Delicious.
Jack is so adorable, we can't wait until Livy is running round and getting into everything.

kate said...

OMG. So jealous. You said nothing about the greatest roller coaster of all times. Seriously. They even have a spring Puyallup fair - and I go to that just so I can go eat scones and ride the coaster. It's my fave.

Leandra said...

I have honestly always wondered how you pronounce Payallup. There are some scrapbook stores there that I see sometimes on invoices.

And the fair looks fun! But I'm with you, I only need one about every 12 years.

The Mid Life Guru said...

I love how you all dressed the part!! What a cute themed family.