Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my projects

just a couple things i've been working on lately -- i told you i've been busy!

in august, i threw a little seattle blogger party with my friend jenny from the blog hank + hunt. [hey, if you don't have any friends, why not throw a party and make some?] it was SUPER fun. i can't take credit for how freaking adorable the party was because that was all jenny, but at least the party and the goodie bags were my idea :) more details on the party on the stationery place.

today my latest mormon women project interview is live. i interviewed lindsey redfern, author of the adoption blog the r house. she was totally inspirational and i'd love it if you read the post and leave a comment. read it here.

speaking of mormon women project, before we left utah i did an interview for the "mormon identities" program on the mormon channel, an online radio station run by the mormon church. i was interviewed with mwp founder neylan mcbaine (and fellow contributor marintha miles, who called in) -- you can listen to the interview here to learn more about what MWP is all about and our work with the site [my section starts around 15:55 and again at 19:20 if you care].

i've also learned how to streamline my schedule and only go to target 2x/week. so basically i'm very productive these days :)


The Mid Life Guru said...

You are the coolest girl I know. xxoo

Leandra said...

I'm obsessed with that meet & greet party you had. Seriously soooo stinking cute. I wish I were moving to where you live.