Thursday, September 15, 2011

our weekend

the weather lately has been SO beautiful here [though the past few days have been gray and cloudy -- i actually kind of like it, but that's a story for another day] and i've been feeling super motivated to get out and enjoy it before seattle's month of summer is over.

saturday we drove out to alki beach in west seattle. we had lunch on the patio at duke's...

...rented one of THESE bad boys:

...and drove all around the boardwalk & surrounding neighborhoods. i think jack was a little too little to sit back there in the big kid seat and i was nervous the whole time, but he did great. he pretty much loved every second.

we rode up to constellation point and walked on the beach. since throwing rocks is one of jack's favorite pastimes, he was very happy. and very focused.

it was a perfect day.

then we ran a few errands and went home to watch the utah/usc game. it was bad news, don't ask b about it ;)

and if that wasn't enough fun for one weekend, sunday was great too. after church i drove up to snohomish to go to jolee's baby shower! she and i worked together in LA for a few years; she is still one of my best friends. lucky for me, her in-laws live in seattle and threw her a baby shower, so i got to go!! it was SO so good to see her and celebrate little secret-gender baby liepman.

THEN we had dinner with another former golinharris co worker who moved to issaquah with her family last year. this place is turning into reunion central. it's crazy. but i'm so glad to still keep in touch with all these people -- so nice to see some familiar faces!!

and that, my friends, is the way a weekend should be done.


Tiffany Fife Buckmiller said...

I'm so glad you went back when it was actually sunny and beautiful! Alki is my favorite place on a nice Seattle day. Uhhh rainy, Not so much...

Leandra said...

First of all, you weight 2 lbs. and I'm so jealous. You look great. And what a fun weekend! Sunny and awesome weather and awesome company. What more could you ask for. well me, I guess :)

Season said...

Love your shoes!

Roxanne said...

i LOVE alki...just love it. i need to come visit!