Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my dream come true.

so, on labor day, we took the in laws on the ducks of seattle -- a perfect tourist opportunity, if you're in the market. we felt a little dorky, but it was seriously so much fun.

i'd never done a city tour like this (similar to the big red bus tour in NYC, which i devotedly shunned while living there) and now i'm wondering when i'll do my next one. we learned a bunch of fun facts about seattle [i.e. seattleites are 4 times more likely to have a dog than a child], our driver was entertaining, jack sat still the ENTIRE 90 minutes, and we got a brief drive-by of a bunch of cool landmarks.

and, because it was a duck boat, we toured seattle by land AND sea. well, kind of. halfway through the tour we drove right into lake union. it was a totally gorgeous day and i'd been seriously jonesing to get out on a boat the past few weeks so i loved being able to float around and check out the lake.

i had heard rumblings that the duck boats took you near the sleepless in seattle houseboat so that was basically my main selling point for taking the tour. and guess what? WE SAW IT!!!

my life is now complete.

i've had a slight [/severe] obsession with that movie for at least the past 15 years. i've seen it easily more than 50 times, can quote the entire thing, use it as a main reference for how i live my life. b even proposed to me at the top of the empire state building because of it. i was totally fine with moving to seattle, even though i'd never been here before, just because of that movie. so there you have it. yeah, i was excited.

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La La Land said...

I just got caught up on your blog. Life in Seattle looks dreamy!!! I'm glad you finally got to see THE Sleepless house. I remember having a conversation with you about that (one of my dreams come true, too!). That movie never gets old for me.