Friday, December 9, 2011

meal planning: the epilogue

wow! talk about blogging making a difference. thank you thank you for ALL your amazing comments on my post yesterday -- it is so good to know i'm not alone in my meal-planning hatred. seriously. i read everything you wrote and felt a million times better.

and then i felt a ZILLION times better because i have the best husband on the planet. last night b came home from work and said "i read your blog. i'm going to give you one of your christmas presents early." and he handed me a printout with a subscription to relish on it.

two weeks ago, b bought me subscription to a meal-planning site! ha. apparently i have either a.) made one too many bad meals lately or b.) talked about my hatred for meal planning a liiittle too much. or c.) i just have a really thoughtful, caring hubs.

so, FYI to all my fellow planners -- relish is A-MAZ-ING. for reals. i was skeptical at first and would probably never have bought this for myself, but b already paid for it so why not? i watched their little intro video and now i'm hooked. you pay to sign up and then every week they give you 15 menu options (entree + side dish), with info on meal cost, prep time and nutritional info. you pick the ones you want, specify how many portions you need, and they put together a shopping list and all the recipes for you in one pdf. they even have options like freezer meals, slow cooker, vegetarian and kid-friendly. all the options sound pretty yummy -- we'll see if they pass the rigorous lyndsey+brandon taste test. [b got a deal via living social, but the regular monthly subscription prices are super reasonable.]

and yes, i feel a little silly PAYING for someone to do this for me [karla, i'm talking to you!] but hey. time is money. i just spent 15 minutes completely planning all my healthy, homemade meals for the next week. the 1 hr 45 minutes i DON'T have to spend, plus all the stress & anxiety involved in a typical week, were toootally worth paying a couple bucks a month. (and these recipes actually sound good.) plus it was a christmas present so who cares!

anyway, just wanted to share. maybe you guys should add a 3-month subscription to your christmas lists! ;) and thanks again for being good friends and making me feel like i'm not the only one who hates to feed her family sometimes.


Mollie said...

Oh my gosh! I may just try this out!!

Mollie said...

Oh my gosh! I may just try this out!

The Hunt House said...

Hey, totally sounds great. I would pay for something if it saved me oodles of time and it worked. Let me know how it goes. I'm down for simplifying my life. Even if it costs a bit. I'll have to check out the website. See....I don't know anything. I should just not comment ha ha.