Monday, December 12, 2011

slow start

gotta love mondays when you don't get in the shower until 2 p.m. i spent half the weekend laying in bed wishing i'd never heard of german food [thanks to a lovely bout of food poisoning] so this week is already off to a slow start.

but that's okay. jack and i have been hanging out and we even did a winter craft [see above] [brought to you by no time for flashcards, my fave new toddler site]. i had to keep him from eating glue most of the time, and he preferred sorting & dumping cotton balls in & out of the jar, but he was really good at sticking them on the paper.

anyway. we've been doing a lot of fun christmas-y things lately and i'll have more info on that once i manage to get my life back together. i'm so glad i got sick on a weekend so b could take care of jack and i could stay in bed [between this weekend & the relish subscription, b has earned major bonus points around here lately] but dang. moms can't have a sick day without the house going to pot. my goals for the afternoon: clean the house & go to the grocery store. tenacious, i know.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

OH NO! You got food poisoning in Leavenworth? From where and remind me never to go there... we always just eat at the pizza place. Not very adventurous, but why change a good thing? Hope you're feeling 100% asap.

Brandon and Erica said...

Good job Momma!! So sorry you're sick, Aimee and I have agreed that sick mommying is like a form of cruel punishment.
And also, I always love everytime you mention little Jackal's knack for sorting and organizing things :) He will make a good husband to a lucky girl someday.

keep feeling better, food poison = no bueno