Friday, December 16, 2011

not blonde.

there's a hashtag on twitter [if you don't know what a hashtag is, go here because i don't want to say it again. i have to explain this to b and my mom on a regular basis] called #firstworldproblems and it makes me laugh. basically people share all these totally inane "problems" that only spoiled brats in first-world countries would have. and now i am one of those people. this is a story about my current first-world problem.

a few weeks ago i needed to get my hair done baaaaad. i hadn't found a new hair stylist yet in washington and i was desperate! i started asking around and got a bunch of expensive recommendations, so when another friend said her hair stylist made house calls and charged less, i was excited. i made an appointment even though i'd never gotten my hair done at home before. eh, might as well save a buck.

things started going wrong when she rinsed out my foils and got peroxide in my mouth. gross, but nothing a few spits & rinses couldn't handle. then she put toner on my hair and it started to burn. i've been dyeing my hair for 12 years and i know that is not normal. we rinsed real quick and i was good to go. then, at the end of our 3-hour session, she straightened my hair [she DID straighten my hair well, i'll give her that] and i looked in the mirror hair was my natural color.

i wanted to keep my same blonde color [is it blond or blonde? we're going with blonde], JUST fix the roots. that is all. not complicated, right? so when this chick highlighted my hair her own version of "blonde" and spent 3 precious hours on it [and a good chunk of change] i was NOT happy. ugh. see for yourself -- before [left] and after [right].

bah. i thought about having her fix it but she was booked solid for another 2 weeks, plus it would take another couple hours out of my life. so instead i'm just living with it, and going to see my CA hair stylist when we visit in april. at least my roots won't show before then since they will be the SAME color as my hair! wah wah.

there you have it, my silly story. i realize in the grand scheme of things this is NOT a big deal. i'm lucky to even HAVE hair. but it annoys me nonetheless.


Aimee said...

I am loving the way it's styled/cut though. LOVE.

Suzana said...

ugh. i haven't gotten my hair done since we moved and since we're headed to utah for christmas i'll be getting it done then, but what will i do when i need it done again and we won't be going home anytime soon?? i'm scared to try a new hairdresser... and i don't want to pay an arm and a leg. for what it's worth though, your natural color is really pretty!

Angela and Mike said...

I TOTALLY feel ya. I've had such major hair issues. And I hate it when my hair color isn't good...and then I have to live with it for months. That is the worst part about moving...getting adjusted to a new hair person.

ANd peroxide in your mouth? AND burning? AND brown? Bummer. You still look great, but I do love that blonde on the left :)

lyndsey said...

haha, thanks guys. glad i'm not alone in the hair drama :)

Lauren said...

You crack me up. But I've totally been there. That's one thing Utah has on the rest of the world. Hairdressers who know how to do blond(e). For cheap.

jess and lacy said...

hey, AT LEAST no one told you your hair looked like you dyed it for Halloween! lol. Love all your blog posts!!

Roxanne said...

#firstworldproblems indeed--you still look great--but that is SUCH a pain that you aren't blonde anymore--stupid hair dresser!

Let's just say it look 3 times in two weeks at my hairdresser to get my blond(e). Being blonde when I'm not a blonde is quite the process!