Wednesday, December 14, 2011

reindeer zoo

i had a horrifying realization the other day. 2011 will end in just a few weeks and i've only posted on this blog 94 times. that is the LOWEST number of blog posts i've written in a year since i started in 2007. [by comparison, i posted 197 times in 2008. i seriously miss sitting at a desk all day.] i mean, i knew i'd have less time once a kid came along, but i'm disappointed in myself. i still want my blog to be a decent documentation of my day-to-day life! so, i'm going to try to post more regularly during the next two weeks and hopefully we can top 97 [the official number of 2010].

anyway. last friday we went to the cougar mountain zoo! as zoos go, this one was pretty much non-existent. ha. it's super tiny, but it has its benefits: 1.) nestled right up on the same mountain we live on, 2.) does a big santa-and-reindeer thing each year, 3.) did i mention it takes me 4 minutes to drive there? in my ongoing quest to check out all the christmas-y things seattle has to offer -- a quest that ended abruptly on saturday night; see also: food poisoning -- jack and i rounded up our bffs and made a trip to the zoo.

jack, emery & violette were bundled head to toe and could barely walk. it was totally cute.

we saw some reindeer, but they were kinda tiny. and homely. "rudolph" had some type of reindeer disease and his antlers were all screwed up. the kids were unimpressed. also, the reindeer pen led right up to santa's house which was more like a den of horror for jackal. he flipped as soon as he saw the man in red and wouldn't let me put him down. wah wah.

actual highlights of the zoo? the tigers. also a little statue park with life-size bronze animals. who needs real animals when you can crawl all over fake ones?

we've been really lucky to make some good friends in washington already. [unfortunately -- or fortunately? -- for jack, all his little friends are girls.] violette, emery and jack play together really well and always get so excited when they see each other. and lucky for me, their moms are awesome and so fun to hang out with. i get excited when i see them too :)

overall, it was fun. and FREEZING. seattle is suuuuuper cold. i mean, i lived in utah for 6ish years of my life, but for some reason i feel like i've never been as cold as i am here. that's for another post, though. anyway. we probably will not visit this tiny zoo again, but it was fun to go and see santa and all the holiday decorations.

the end.


Mike and Jen said...

looks cold!!! sad we missed it ;)

Michelle said...

You know, funny for you to comment on your posting stats, because I"ve been thinking, for --oh, 3 months now at least -- on what a great job you've been doing blogging! Now that we are no longer minutes away I have so appreciated your regular updates and posts (WHY did we not get together more? I'm so lame.) I love reading your snarky comments, beautifully honest narratives, and witty summations of your life. You are doing great, and the posts are appreciated. I love staying in touch with you this way. I wonder if you should do a word count. Maybe you have fewer posts, but more words? And more pictures, too. You know the old saying about pictures and words... In any case, don't be so hard on yourself with the stats. You are not failing in anything at all besides being nice to yourself.

This belongs in your post much further down, but I just wanted to give you an "AMEN" on your cooking issues. I was SO proud of myself for actually conjuring up a meal tonight WITHOUT running to the store for an ingredient to make a meal I was more in the mood to make. Instead I stayed strong, and used the ingredients on hand. I haven't don that in a while bc I've kinda been on strike the last two weeks for meal planning. I"M SO SICK OF IT! Bless Cade's heart, he'll eat whatever, even if he thinks its gross. Savannah won't hardly eat a thing. Kyle has proven difficult to cook for. He would have meat and potatoes every night. Meat and potatoes is okay every once in a while. I just hate coming up with meals. B is a stud for getting you that gift, and gifting it to you early. I'm tempted to gift it for myself...which I suppose I could twist things around and "give" it to Kyle, which would truly be a gift to him.

So I ramble. Maybe I should have e-mailed?Or called even? In any case, you are doing a great job balancing all your plates with work, hobbies, home, wifehood, motherhood and all in between. You inspire me! Love you!!! :)