Friday, January 6, 2012


one of my favorite friends bloggers [can she be my friend if i've only talked to her IRL 3x?] wrote a post a while back about CPW, or cost per wear. i had never heard this term before but once she identified it i realized i'd already been using a metric like this in my head for years.

upon further inspection i discovered there's an actual formula for determining CPW. total cost of the item / estimated number of days you'll wear it = cost per wear. and who said i'd never use algebra and economics in my real life? i usually don't realize the full CPW until i bring a purchase home. wish i could be psychic while shopping and do it in my head because right now i'm sitting on a regrettable anthropologie shirt that's gotta be looking at a $36 CPW. ugh.

luckily, i've also scored some SERIOUSLY great CPWs the past few years. take for example these boots. i bought them on in early fall for around $18. I KNOW! they were a steal. since then i have worn them oh, approximately every single day. they are super comfy, my feet stay warm & dry, i don't have to tie any laces, and i can pull them on and off quickly whenever jack's little heart desires an outing. which is often.

anyway, the CPW on these babies has got to be down to $0.03 by now. i tell myself that every day when i wear them AGAIN and think, wow, the checkout people at target probably think i'm a total loser for wearing these boots... and for going to target three times already this week.

another sweet CPW? this leather jacket i got for jack. bought it at h&m when i was barely pregnant, spent a mini-fortune on it [$40 i think? i can count on one hand the clothing items i've bought jack that cost more than $15...just doesn't make sense when they'll outgrow it in like 2 days] but have never, ever regretted it. it fit him last winter AND this winter, we get stopped in the street every time he wears it with people commenting on how cute he looks or asking where i bought it, and i think he looks adorable. gotta be a $0.20 CPW at least.


Mike and Jen said...

i think about this ALL THE TIME. Like seriously when I see clothes in my closet that I wear regularly and have owned them for longer than a year, i actually giggle to myself.

Leandra said...

I absolutely love that hacke of Jacky's and your shoes. Nice picks lady.

The Mid Life Guru said...

Interesting factoid. I will use that formula next time I clean out my closet.