Sunday, January 29, 2012


it's hard to be 1. i remind myself of this fact multiple times every day, usually whenever i'm faced with a crazy tantrum from my favorite little friend.

sometimes i call jack "the dragon," as in "don't let the dragon see your cell phone" or "don't look in the backseat or you'll wake the dragon" when we're trying to get him to be quiet in the car and i don't want to remind him that i'm there for fear of a scream-fest. that last one has been happening a lot since last week i got the bright idea to wean him off using a binky in the car.

anyway. i think 92% of his outbursts have to do with the fact that he is FRUSTRATED with communicating. he definitely knows exactly what he is trying to tell me...but unfortunately i don't speak one-year-old babble-ese. most of the time i guess wrong and it makes him maaaad. he knows a few signs -- but those can't really adequately express things like "please come over here, sit on the couch and throw the red football -- NOT the brown football -- across the room so i can go catch it."

the other 8% probably has to do with pain. he still only has 6 teeth in front, but he's getting 4 molars right now and who knows what else is going on under those little gums. also, he's had a crazy penchant for hurting himself lately. in just the past 5 days, jack has accomplished the following:

1. grabbed my straightening iron = minor burns on 2 fingers (i got him before he got an actual grip on it, but he still grazed his fingers)
2. smacked his head on our headboard = bump on forehead
3. spun around & landed right on his face = bruised lip in the unfortunate shape of a hitler 'stache, cut gums, bleeding mouth, swollen eyelid
4. ran into the wall while attempting a leap onto a pile of pillows = lots of crying

he's having a rough time. but at least it's not as bad as his friend emery, who randomly tripped and fractured her little foot this week! we admired her purple cast at church today [while emery's mom and i were both unwillingly chaperoning nursery -- let's just say the nursery experience has gone steadily downhill ever since our first blissful visit, thanks for asking] and marveled over how easy it is for these little people to injure themselves. i guess it's all part of growing up and learning about their bodies, but it's still sad. as b told me when i was freaking over the finger burns -- "just wait till we have to take him to his first ER visit." guess we still have a long way to go. and that goes for dealing with tantrums too.


The Mid Life Guru said...

Injuries are so stressful for parents. Get used to it though. You might get someone like accident-prone Rachel in your family. You know you've made it when the emergency room personnel recognizes you!!!

Michelle said...

Loved this! Totally captures the beauty of 1-year-old life. WOW! Sorry nursery isn't going swell. :(

Miss you!! so cool you came out here for that convention thingy. You are so officially official. I Love it. :)

G'Dad C. said...

Hi Lynds:

Trying out the new communication. NEAT!!!!!

Your story on Jack gatting beat up reminds of one about your mom. We were eating a barbecued steak outside (think she was 6) and she wanted to talk and chew at the same time. It didn't work and she started to choke. I asked her to open her mouth and I reached in and pulled out a hunk of steak. I think she learned. But I still haven't learned that you can't drink and breathe at the same time.
See you all in 10 days.
Love G'Dad C.