Monday, January 2, 2012

resolutions 2012

woo hoo! our new year's is off to a great start. we rang it in with friends and tons of food in issaquah, and then went to bed as quickly as possible -- apparently i am getting old because staying up late is too hard these days. we spent january 1 in church [and at nursery] and spent the REAL new year's, today, crying during the rose parade and watching lots of football. and eating more. yay for holiday weight gain!

anyway, all of this means it's time for new goals. i was happy to discover i pretty much reached all my 2011 goals -- see notes below:

1. stop committing to things i don't want to do [or stop complaining about it if i do say yes] 
eh, kinda. can always get better at this one, but i DID manage to stop double-booking myself this year.
2. figure out how to wear red lipstick & then actually wear it. also, dress up more. 
CHECK! i purchased mac's "viva glam cyndi" and wore it whenever i was feeling sassy. sort of dressed up more, but can do better. 
3. use my bosch
uhh...sort of. i think i used it 3x, which is 3x more than 2010! win.
4. plan & execute our first family vacation as wells, party of 3
DOUBLE check. we went to san diego and vancouver this year. 

thus, we're on to 2012. here are this year's goals:

1. talk to a far-off friend ON THE PHONE once a month
2. take better -- and more -- pictures
3. start playing my flute again
4. dress up more
5. make a difference

i think i'm most excited about #1. i've been doing this randomly lately -- we've moved so many times over the past few years that i really miss the good friends i've made, so i've started calling people up once in a while for a nice catch-up call. i'm pretty good about keeping in touch via email, facebook, text, etc. but there is just something about hearing a friend's voice and chatting for 30 minutes that makes my heart feel good. 

CONNECT -- my buzz word for 2012. this will be my year of keeping up with old friends, making new friends, building professional relationships, networking, being a more present mommy & wife -- and i can't wait. 


The Mid Life Guru said...

Your new goals are inspiring. Even if you make just a little progress, you will be even more awesome than you already are.(which I didn't think was possible)

Aimee said...

It was nice to CONNECT with you today! I love this post, and you are inspiring to me. Thanks for being my bud. I might do my own version of this post, if you don't mind--buzz word and all. GENIUS.

Alison Rae said...

I love that you have a buzzword! I always choose one too. This year mine is discipline. I love how a buzzword is personal. Only I fully understand what I mean by discipline and only you fully understand what you mean by connect. Love it!