Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello, nursery

today was jack's first day at nursery! at our church, kiddos get to go to nursery as soon as they turn 18 months -- it's like a toddler paradise, with zillions of toys and games and snacks and songs. we had basically been counting down the days till this milestone ever since jack could walk -- well, b more than me, since i now teach the 5-year-old sunday school class each week, leaving b to chase our cranky mobile baby all over the church. but still. we were excited.

i had to go to my class, so i asked b to take jack over there but stay with him -- mostly to spy on the nursery activities and see what it's really like in there, but also to avoid a potential meltdown. b didn't even have to stay 20 minutes -- jack went right in, starting playing with toys and making friends. the teachers said b could leave so he did.

i had little spies report back to me throughout the day, and apparently jack did awesome. my friend leads the singing time for nursery and she told me jack lit up when they started singing "itsy bitsy spider" and when they had snacks. another nursery leader told me he was totally happy the whole time, EXCEPT the two times they sang "i am a child of god" when his little eyes would well up with tears. that's the song i've sung to him at bedtime every night since he was born, so i'm thinking he either a.) thought it was time for bed or b.) realized his mommy wasn't there with him and got a little sad. i hope it's b. because that just warms my heart.

anyway, i went to pick him up at the end of church and he was sitting on his knees in a circle with all the older kids, watching everyone sing like a perfect little student. i was so proud! here's to a MUCH more uplifting and peaceful service at church every week from now on.

we came home and celebrated with chocolate milk, his favorite treat in the whole world. jackal definitely isn't a baby anymore...he looks so big in these pictures!

now, if only i could have gotten him to stop drinking the bath water he peed in during his tub tonight, the whole day would have been a win.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

He does look so grown up! I love his outfit and his li'l mohawk.

Still four months before Fox goes into nursery... I haven't been to a full sacrament or sunday school or relief society meeting in months!

Angela and Mike said...

WOW wow WOW. What a success. Jack is a stud. Way to go Jack! And yes, he totally teared up thinking of his lovely mother :) You have now officially "arrived" in the life of a mother now that he is in nursery. It's so nice...but I must admit, I always entertain OTHER peoples' babies since I get a little bored sometimes :)

Mike and Jen said...

amazing. 2 more months for us!

scrubgrub said...

sounds like a great nursery experience. Ryder's ended up with a kid jumping on him from the table as soon as we entered... but the scene of toys and kids dried up the tears pretty fast and he didn't look back... well of course until the nursery leader pulled me out of RS with my pantsless child explaining he decided to dump his cup of water on his pants then smoosh his banana into congrats!