Sunday, March 11, 2012

in no particular order

not a whole lot has been going on around here of late. lots of errand running and dinner dating and getting overly excited every time a truck drives by (jack's favorite thing), per our usual. and i kind of love it. especially when my days involve playing with this little guy.

we're still working on the whole tantrum thing. it's not perfect but we're getting there. plus, jack's got a lot of cute moments to make up for the bad ones -- bad like when he screams at me and throws a plate of ketchup & chicken nuggets on the carpet and i have to count to 10 before hysterically laughing. (if i don't laugh, i'd probably cry. so, laughing it is.)

he is starting to talk like crazy and it's the BEST. he's learning a couple letters and colors and does all the hand motions to our songs (including fist-pumping and a tiny "ooray!" for "if you're happy and you know it"). he runs and jumps and holds my hand in the street and feeds himself cereal for breakfast every morning. he's completely obsessed with mickey mouse clubhouse and those dannon drinkable yogurts. basically, he's awesome.

in other news, we had snow, hail, rain, drizzle, sunshine and 60 degree temps -- all in the past four days. seattle's weather is crazy but i love it. i can't believe we've been here for almost nine months! sometimes i still feel like i'm settling in, but other times it really does feel like home. we've made ticket to ride friends, the librarian knows jack's name, i know the fastest shortcut to trader joe's. we're set.

so set, in fact, that i'm an official state of washington business owner (which you probably already know if you're my facebook friend). i've decided to take my freelancing biz in a slightly more professional direction -- meaning i have an official email address and i actually file taxes now ;) my business license arrived last week and i even have an "under construction" page on my website. i feel so blessed to be able to grow my little business, and i'm excited about what's to come. i really, really love being a full-time mommy...but it's SO nice to be able to plug into a professional network for a few hours a day and get 'er done.

we've got lots to look forward to around here -- hunger games is coming out in 12 days (yes, we already bought tickets for opening night, woot!), adjusting to daylight savings, and welcoming my little brother home! he gets back from his two-year stint in mexico in less than a month and we are SO excited. jack and i made a little countdown chain to mark the days...

but jack isn't really quite clear on exactly what you're supposed to do with it. 

anyway, that's an update from us. maybe it won't take me 11 days to blog again :)


Michelle said...

love your snippits of life-- that's what it's all about! PS LOVE your bedspread. Really. Seriously. Where did you find it?!

Brandon and Erica said...

LOVE this post...mainly because Jackal is so ridiculously handsome. But also because your writing cracks me up. Double win.


Leandra said...

omg, he looks like a 4 year old in that car seat picture. So stinking cute. I can't believe your bro comes home so soon! And I remember that little wooden rocking horse- glad you hung onto it! Does Jack love it now?

Janessa said...

Jack wins cutest toddler award, in case you wanted to know.

Amy said...

I was wondering what happened to you! You never go that long without blogging! Those darn 2 year olds and their tantrums! Why can't they just learn to do things our way - when we want them, and how we want them to done and how to behave the way we want them to! Glad to see you are enjoying Seattle and familiar with the area and sights and scenes! "Bloom where you are planted" as my mom would say!