Thursday, March 1, 2012

a little too 80s

a few weeks ago we went to a surprise party for one of b's co-workers. it was an 80s theme so we did our best to dress the part. (and when i say best, i mean b found a shirt at goodwill and i pulled random crap out of my closet -- yay legwarmers, you were such a good 2005 impulse buy.) here we are, ready to party...and don't mind jack's cameo, his baby mullet fits the theme although he had to stay home:

the party was fun, i guess. except that the host's husband mistook b for another (male) co-worker's live-in argentine boyfriend. didn't realize b's 80s look made him look quite that gay, but maybe it was a compliment. ha! at least the boozy gourmet mac & cheese was tasty that night...we bailed right after dinner and came home to watch this is it with t&a. now THAT'S my idea of a good night.

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Brandon and Erica said...

LOVE it. But you both pull the look off a little too well. ha. And, kind of sad you cut Jack's mullet. He rocked that look.

Miss you!