Wednesday, March 28, 2012

may the odds be ever in your favor

hooray, we saw it! i read hunger games when i was pregnant with jack and finished that puppy off in about three days, followed closely by the next two additions. b read all three books over christmas break 2011 and might have been even more excited than i was to see the movies. we'd been watching all the trailers and emailing each other links to spoiler alert & gossip sites and bought tickets for opening night as soon as they went on sale. we were PUMPED.

since this was a movie worth seeing in theaters (doesn't happen too often these days, especially when you suffer from city-wide babysitter scarcity) we decided to go big or go home -- and ponied up for tickets to the ipic theater. this is a high end line of theaters (with a location in pasadena, holla!) with a super swanky vibe -- the lobbies are very lounge-y with gourmet food & drink options, bigscreen tvs, a full bar, etc. the theaters themselves have two types of seats, full recliners and cushy oversized sofa chairs, and waiters even bring food to your seat.

we opted for the cheaper seats and snuck in our own treats ;) but it was still off the hook. such a good movie and such a fun way to see it.

cushy-seat self portrait + my cute date:

even the bathrooms were awesome. and full of hunger games signage ;)

i came home and did a quick speed-read of book 1 over the weekend, just for fun. then i had a dream about peeta last night and b was nowhere in the picture. not sure if that's a good sign or a bad sign. (oh, and we still have the printables up in our apartment;) guess it's time to start a countdown for movie #2!


Angie O said...

I need to read that book! I can't watch the movie until do. I also have been wanting to try one of those dining theaters. Sounds fun!
P.S.- I changed by blog to

Mike and Jen said...

I'm at the end of book 2 right now...TEAM PEETA!

Roxanne said...

First off- When I move there, I can babysit!
Secondly- #teamgale
Thirdly-I need more hunger games!

Season said...

I re-read the book after seeing it this past weekend also! What did you think?? I had mixed feelings, but overall I liked it.

Leandra said...

we had a similar theatre experience. it rocked! I liked the movie. I'll always owe my love of hunger games to you! :)Thanks for letting me borrow your books...twice!