Wednesday, March 21, 2012

things are looking up

hooray! life is good. i actually wrote a whole post yesterday about how grumpy i've been lately -- turns out this seasonal affective disorder is a real thing -- but lucky for you, i didn't have time to finish it so i never hit publish. besides the whole constant-rain issue, i also accidentally deleted my next blurb book after spending 10 hours on it and i've just been in a bad mood for a week. boo. cranky lyndsey is not a fun lyndsey.

but just like that, 24 hours later i'm a happy girl again!
the sun came out today for a few hours.
jack and i headed to the mall, where i scored probably the best retail deal of my LIFE on some new boots ($120 boots for $7, thank you very much), we played in the play area with our favorite friends, and then met up with b for a tasty lunch.
jack took a 4 hour nap, i went to the latest seattle blogger meetup, b & i watched survivor.
AND we finally got ourselves a babysitter for this weekend because you know we've already had opening weekend tickets for hunger games since three weeks ago ;)
i'd say this was a pretty good day -- and just in time too, because i was starting to lose it.

in other news, jack and i built our first fort last week and it was so fun. i guess that's one highlight of being stuck indoors all the time.

jack has been talking a TON lately and throwing out new words all over the place. i have to really pay attention because he'll point out objects or make appropriate animal noises and i'm never expecting it! we're trying to train him to say "grant" in preparation for uncle grant's homecoming next month, but mostly it comes out sounding like "grok." we'll take it. he also likes to climb inside the ottoman, lay down and pretend to sleep by making little snoring noises. he is too funny.

here's hoping for another sunny tomorrow.

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Ashley said...

I would totally cry if I lost one of my blurb books! I'm glad you're feeling better today, though.