Thursday, April 5, 2012

farmer jack

today jack and i checked out the kelsey creek farm in bellevue. i had no idea there was even a farm there but actually it turns out there are TWO, right along the freeway on the way to b's work.

this wasn't a real farm, if you're curious -- more like a fake educational farm. it consists of two barns built in the 1930s and a handful of small animals like ponies, chickens who lay green eggs (something else i did not know existed until today, apparently i need to watch more martha stewart), 3 sheep and 2 bunnies. the farm is a venue for school groups and birthday parties and it was really quite cute. they're big on teaching kids the basics of animals and farming and then doing hands-on stuff like feeding, petting, crafting, etc.

jack is REALLY good at animal sounds, particularly of the farm animal variety, so i was pretty excited to take him. i went with a group of local bloggers and jack was the littlest kid there, but he pretty much loved it.

he particularly liked petting the bunny. what did i NOT love? getting this reminder of how freaking nasty my hair has gotten. siiiick. i'm getting it done in 4 1/2 days and i can. not. wait.

"tractor" and "barn" have been frequently repeated words over the past few days, so he was pretty pumped to be able to shout those at appropriate times throughout our visit. he was really good at petting animals but he freaked when i let him ride the pony. no pictures of that because my hands were too busy prying a toddler death-grip off of my arms. it was sunny when we got there and hailing by the time we left, thanks bipolar washington weather. all in all, a fun outing for me & my little sidekick.

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