Friday, April 27, 2012

we have a talker

jack learning to talk is probably my favorite phase of motherhood yet. i am endlessly amused by the random words he yells throughout the day ("milk!" "shoe!" "mom!" "nose!") -- every word is shouted with such enthusiasm. but now he's starting to actually put multiple words together and i LOVE it. 

when i get him up in the morning, he usually says "cereal!" (which sounds actually like "see-wool" and is 10x cuter than the traditional pronunciation) but lately he's been saying "jack cereal, mom cereal" while i pour our bowls. today he was sitting in his high chair eating breakfast while b and i got ready and he said, clear as day, "i like see-wool." amazing! the mind of a toddler will never cease to amaze me. 

he calls his binky "beep beep," making it infinitely easier to understand when he wants it. the beep beep, in fact, is only used at bedtime these days, and as soon as i pop it in his mouth i see his eyes sag a little bit like he knows it's time for sleep. i'm trying to gear myself up for getting rid of it completely, but it makes me sad to realize he'll definitely be over the baby phase when we do. eh. maybe by his 2nd birthday. 

jack loooves to run and usually takes laps around the apartment before bedtime yelling "go go go!" every day, rain or shine, we go outside for an exploration period (meaning i just let him run / walk wherever he wants...we usually end up jumping off walls, playing at the park or going down the "swide") and lately he just wants to run and run. i can't wait for him to run races with me one day!

i've honestly lost count of all the words he can say. once in a while he'll surprise me by saying something i didn't even realize he knew, like "seesaw" or "bee!" (all insects are bees, according to jack.) he knows all the hand motions to the songs we sing at library story time and will start singing "itsy bitsy spider" at random times throughout the day. 

he still loves to read; it's the only time he will sit still all day. i can occasionally get him to color -- he prefers markers over crayons and will say "blue! yellow! green! brown!" no matter what color i pull out -- but usually doesn't like to sit down much otherwise. sometimes he reads books to his stuffed utah bear and it's probably the cutest thing ever, mostly jibberish with the occasional correct word thrown in. i love that monkey and i LOVE hearing his little voice. toddlers are the best. 


Angela and Mike said...

I can't believe he is talking so much! How adorable. Talking IS the best, and it helps the tantrums because they can actually communicate. way to go J!

The Mid Life Guru said...

Love the pictures and the update on Jack's verbal prowess.