Sunday, April 1, 2012

no april fools here

wow, my life is flying by these days. april?? wasn't it just january? crazy stuff. i need to be better about documenting our lives before it's gone. i always thought it was funny when i'd look in my sweet grandma's fridge and find salad dressing from 2002, but now i kind of get it. life just gets going and before you know it 10 years are gone and you still haven't cleaned out that old ranch dressing. gotta stay on my toes :)

b's been working a lot. i've been working not as much and i kind of love it. less stress, more time for researching fun kid craft ideas and learning new things. i'm simultaneously reading a toddler discipline book and the steve jobs biography, both are equally fascinating. my little brother comes home from mexico next week (!!!) and we're so excited to see him. and, we spent the weekend reveling in the word of god, thanks to living prophets who speak to us at general conference every six months. seriously, it is SUCH a boost for my soul, listening to those talks and songs for two days straight. i am lucky to be a mormon.

oh, and mr. jack is cuter every day. i took him to the kids quest museum last week, he wasn't a fan, but at least we got out of the house. and don't mind his vicious facial scar, it has since cleared up. toddlers have quite the knack for self-injury.

he's always my little buddy and i love running errand with him, except when he howls about having to sit in his carseat. he loves to point out facial features -- "EYES! mowww! eeeear!" and always pinches my nose when he gets to "NOse!" he's a great runner and will run run run all over the place, especially right before bedtime when he takes laps around the ottoman. he's a good eater but only when he wants to be -- some days (like today) he'll eat little more than yogurt and milk. he knows tons of animal sounds and names and even a few letters and colors. he says "coo! coo!" every time he sees a train, and calls every clock (every circular object, for that matter) a "tick tock."

it rained a lot last week so one day i'd decided we'd had it with being indoors. i bundled both of us up in coats and rainboots and we played in the rain! it was pretty fun, actually. jack loved it.

not much else going on around here but life is really good. now if we could only get some more sunshine... ;)


Mike and Jen said...

whats it with our kids loving to run around before bed? megan and i were just talking about this.

Brandon and Erica said...

I LOVE Jack. He is so studly. Glad you're enjoying life with less work and more Jack.

AND, your date night to Hunger Games looked like SO MUCH FUN. Made me want to have a movie night out with the hubs too....every date we go on always has to be free. Boo for budgets and no income. I'll dream of the day we can join your ranks ;)