Saturday, April 28, 2012

LA date night(s)

while we were in california, we took fulllll advantage of free babysitting ;) my parents were awesome and offered to watch jack so b and i could have not one but TWO dates. so what do you do with a rental car and parental freedom? head to your old stomping grounds, of course.

i used to take pictures of us in the car like this all the time. it's amazing how much less time you have for myspace self-portraits when you're continually handing sippy cups and train cars to a small person in the back seat.

first, we drove out to west LA. in all the time we lived out there we never went to venice beach, so we were excited to check it out -- especially the canals. but...they weren't really that cool. haha. sort of dried up and ghetto.

then we headed over to the beach. we had such a fun time checking out the boardwalk (& marijuana vendors), watching the surfers & skaters, walking on the sand. it was perfect.

then we headed down the street to tito's tacos, naturally. because you can't be in west LA without a taco with cheese.

while there we had a conversation that went like this:

lyndsey: you know what would be really great for dessert?
brandon: what?
lyndsey: some diddy riese.
brandon: you know how far away diddy riese is from here?
lyndsey: yes. but do you know how far away diddy riese is from seattle?
brandon: you have a point.

and thus we ended up driving to westwood :)

for our second date, we stopped to visit our old neighbors in claremont, then headed to my beloved pasadena. i mean seriously. just looking at these pictures gets my heart all knotted up.

the main point of this visit was to see our BFFs. holy crap i wish the fackrells would move to seattle, life just isn't the same without them. we had dinner at daisy mint, ran a few pasadena errands, scored some organic ice cream at carmela's, then went back to their house to say hey to john c. reilly watch the burbs and eat pretzels & sardines. it was the best.

after these two consecutive date outings, jack wouldn't let me out of his sight for the next three days. but it was totally worth it! thanks, grammie & pop pop, for giving us two nights out.

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The Mid Life Guru said...

You think you had fun, but Grammie and Pop-Pop got the way better deal.