Tuesday, July 22, 2014

more june stuff

just to recap the highlights from last month. we sold my beloved honda accord (THAT is a crazy story in itself but i will spare you the gruesome details) and while my parents were in town we bought a toyota highlander! i was so glad my mom was here to watch the boys because we ended up sitting in a car dealership for like 5 hours and that would NOT have been conducive to children.

anyway here's the new ride. she's a beaut!

then, that next day, i ran my third half marathon! this was the second time i'd run the seattle rock & roll marathon and my time was better than before by five whole minutes...but still, TWO minutes over my goal time. i was not happy. :( it is a scenic course through downtown seattle, along lake washington, past the sports stadiums and up a big freaking hill (or three) at the end. brutal. oh well -- at least i had fun. my friend jessica ran it too so it was nice to have a friend to hang with at the starting line. we didn't run together but ended up crossing the finish just 30 seconds apart!

the start line is sheer chaos -- 18,000 runners!

it was so great to have b, the boys, and my mom & dad at the finish line! (well, my mom was actually there throughout the race -- she dropped me off at the start and cheered for us on a bridge near the end, screaming her trademark "woo woo!" just like she did during my marching band days. :) so fun.)

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